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Date: December 19th 1943

19 Dec 43

Major GS Andrews, - 10 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

FIrst Cdn Army Overseas

Dear Jean:

Here it is Sunday again, time flies, and that is good. Xmas next week, my fourth overseas, and still in England. Sometimes I feel that the war is being fought and won, slowly, but that I have had very little part in it. It would be nice to see some direct benefit from the work of the last few years, in speeding the end, and helping to save a few lives of the poor results of it seem to be so obscure, and indirect.

And what are my wife and baby planning to do on Xmas? Will Santa come down the chimney, and leave a black soot mark on Mary's check when he kisses her, because she is a dear child, a dear sweet child. God Bless you both, and grant that we may be together for the next time Santa comes with his reindeers. If it can be a Xmas of Peace for the world it will indeed be an occasion to rejoice.

No mail from you during the week. Am a bit anxious about our mail, think it has been going astray, some of it anyway. Got a few [?] [?] and a pipe from Capt Bowden. Tell them it arrived, and was very very welcome. Pipes are very hard to buy now. Also hear from Leila's boy, Bob, he is in England, and have written him to tell him now to find me, [?] he could come up for Xmas, he could stay with me at my club. I do not plan to leave town till New Years week end, when I hope to go down to Haywards. Was thinking of going down there this week end, but decided to stay and get ahead with some little jobs.

Last week the army dug up a box of tools for me, as I need them for fixing up my instrument. Have been buying quite a few odds and ends out of my own pocket. So today I've been busy sorting out all the tools and fixing up the big box so each article will have its place. It is essential to do this, otherwise you spend more time hunting for things then using them. Of course I get a kick out of this, and all the while I have half pretended that I was home, fixing up the tools for myself, so that I could make some things for Mary and her Ma...It also reminds me of the session I had making Mary's set.

Last Thursday night, we had a little Xmas dinner for the boys of my section. There were ten altogether, including Capt Luscombe and self. We arranged a little dining room off to ourselves at a little Irish restaurant in the Soho district. Took a Xmas cake and a nice piece of Rocqufort Cheese which were in a parcel from Mors. Romano, the best at the Restaurant did up well, and the turkey was beautifully cooked. The boys enjoyed it, and were able to let their hair down a bit, although there weren't enough drinks for unlimited hilarity. The end already.

LOVE TO YOU BOTH........................GER.

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