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Date: May 6th 1885

May 6 - Spent a good deal of the morning with Ted in Major Boulton's tent. Going to start tomorrow on our march to storm Batoche, where the enemy is strongly entrenched and commanded by Louis Riel. All anxious to be on the march. Visited the Fish Creek battle field with the rest of the staff sergeants, Sgt. Major Sproule, Lou McDougall and Hooper. Expected to go with Ted and Sandy Stewart but they did not want to go with me. Picked up a few relics and were shown the field by Sgt. Hughes of the 90th. Saw dead horses, broken wagons and dead Indians, and graves being dug. The smells were none too good. Got separated from the rest of my companions in the woods covering rough ground. Wandered back to camp alone to view the scenery. Well, it was nice to be alone once more with my thoughts and situation. Saw neat log houses and farms, belonging to the rebels, some in ruins. Land very rich. Had Will Shepherd of Winnipeg and some of the Shell River boys, Ted among them, spending the evening with us. In brigade orders, "The whole brigade will move on Batoche tomorrow, in full marching order. The Regulars, 60 men, to go up-river on the steamer "Northcote". An alarm was sounded at midnight but turned out to be a hoax.