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Date: November 26th 1916
Mother and Dad

Seaford, Sussex
Nov. 26/16

Dear Mither & Dad

Well here it is Sunday again and as the Canadian mail leaves tomorrow I had better get busy and write a letter or two. We are having quite a time over here they had us doing route marches all week and then Sat. afternoon we had a bunch of tents to put up for the fellows who are away on leave to go into tonight. The huts they were in are under quarantine for measles. This morning we had more tents to go up and this afternoon we have to fill some ticks for em. I am sorry or sore I should say for it is about the first real nice day we have had and we can't get out to see the place. The worst of it is there are only about 25 of us to do the work and half of them don't know how to work while about 1/4 of them are N.C.O.s & don't work.

News is very scarce over here for when one don't know anyone outside the army it gets rather stale and any way I don't feel in the right humor for writing today. That is I am neither up in the air or feeling grumpy or blue. I believe I can write best when I am blue for there is very little to write about that is not along the blue line even the sea is blue. Also as you will note the note paper is blue. That sound very much like rubbish but I have to fill these pages some way or another and besides I don't like this blue note paper as it has such a blue note to it and so want to use it up as you will note.

The other chaps in the hut are pretty sore at boing C.B'd, consequently yours truly as per usual is contrary and trying his best to rub it in.

The ticks we have to fill this afternoon are called Palliases: the Corp. was just in and said the job would last till 3 in the morn. I told him that I did not mind filling Palliases in daylight but we were not Jackasses enough to stick on the job all night. Neither we are watch us. As soon as it gets dark you will see of course the sergt in charge won't see, one soldier and one Pallias gliding away into the darkness. When a space great enought for safety is gained one soldier will stretch himself out on one Palllias and there remain until near dawn. Then I will arise take up my bed and walk home and get my breakfast of bacon and tea. That is about all we get to eat now, "never any coffee"! We have an Imperial Sgt. Major from somewhere over here to dish out our rations to us and he is trying to make long lean Englishmen out of us. I expect there will be a great big holler one of these days which will greatly shock the disciplined nature of our Imperial Sergt as well as the whole of the English people around here for they already hold us in awe as if we were some wild men from Borneo or something of the kind. While for my part I find them to be the queerest people alive and one could almost imagine they were living in the time of Elizabeth. Reynolds in our hut here call them the natives and they sure have the N.A. Indians outclassed by miles.

Well I was called away to fill thos Bally Balliases and as it took us till supper time and I went church last night so I got no more done last night.

This is Monday night and as the mail goes in about half an hour I will have to double up.

I am feeling pretty blue tonight for I got no mail today nor for three or four days back and as I go on leave tomorrow morning I won't get any for another six days. I am sore to for I lent that Smith $5 to go on leave last week. He said he would have it for me before I went as he expected some from home. He hasn't come around with it yet and I don''t expect him either. If he don't he will never get another cent from yours truly. I may have enough for my trip but I will have to scrimp without it and I don't want that on a pleasure trip. I say pleasure trip but I do not expect much pleasure when I have no friends to go to. I never had a leave before that I did not look forward to. The only reason I am going is to get away from the everlasting drill and to get a good square meal.

Well I must quit to catch the mail.

Yours Lovingly and in haste