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Date: February 13th 1944

13 Feb 44

Major GS Andrews, 30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, R.C.E.

First Cdn Army O'Seas.

Dear Jean:

This is in Haste, will have more time in a couple of weeks. Yours of 30 Jan arrived on the 10th. A dandy. Also, Dad Hall's Letter Arrived. Thank Him. Will write him in the next day or two.

Big events 1) Have seen Bill Hall, he is in a Cdn hospital about 2 hours from London by train & bus. He is in good spirits and practically ok except for some work on his new foot. 2) Axel Kinnear arrived back and have seen him a couple of times. He is out to see Bill this P.M.

I have an unusually terrific pile of work on and have no time at all for anything else. However am taking a few hours this PM to go down to supper with Morris's. Got to get a little relax'n or efficiency goes down-

Am completely over my cold - and feel like my usual self once more - it is a relief.

Love to you Both - Gerry -

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Original Scans