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Date: February 14th 1943

No 153

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

14 Feb 43

Dear Jean:

You certainly took all the honours in the mail this week, the two by ordinary mail of 4 and 7 Jan came on the 9th, and airgraph of the 24 Jan on the 10th and airgraph of the 31st came on the 11th. All were most welcome I thought Bella Moltua's letter was very sweet, she is a wonderful little soul, plain as a hedge fence to look at, short and tubby, and in her own words, just plain folk. Her husband must be a fine fellow too, I didn't know him so well. It seems an act of Providence that after giving so much of her love to an adopted baby, they are to be rewarded by having one of their own. I enjoyed Sharkey's letter too, very much, You do have some interesting friends. I hope I can meet him someday, with you. Was thinking it was just as well that my wife is living in Victoria during my absence, instead of down South, where all her old boy friends are. The picture of little Gerry is great, he's a bright looking little fellow. Bill and Joyce must be very happy and proud. Am glad to know the cold snap has abated, Poor Jean, you must have thought your husband had brought you to the north pole to live. I can imagine Mary being thrilled with the snow. I guess it's the first she remembers. Mrs Morris let me read your letter to her which also arrived last week, It was a very good letter, and pleased the old lady so much. Ecila was away for a few days but is back today. Perhaps someday we shall see Scotland together. Mrs M's birthday is tomorrow. I think she is 76. Was up there this pm to work on the tree, and of course had afternoon tea with them. She came out after to get me to show her which wood she ought to use up first, from the wood pile. Some of the oldest is getting rotten, and I also advised her to use some of the half green with the dry. The tree I'm cutting now is pretty wet, so won't be much good till next summer. It looks as though our Mary is going to be a collector and connoisseur, and that she is endowed with a strong degree of tenacity. That's not surprising, of course, knowing her mother. It makes me sad to think of you being short of fuel, when if I were only there, the thing could be remedied. Perhaps next winter things will be better, and there is a possibility that I might be there. I hardly dare think of such happiness. Have spent one or two evenings writing up some proposals for what I think should be done in BC after the war, in Air Survey, and have had the Svy Coy make a little leaflet out of it. Am going to send copies to a few people, including the Chief Forester. Its rather a bold step, but I feel very strongly that now is the time to say my say, and then if they don't like it, we stand some chance of making our private plans accordingly. I also feel its my duty to the boys who worked with me, to take the lead. There are going to be some big developments in Air Survey after the war, and I want to know in good time if the Forest Branch are willing to do the right thing or not. My leaflet should bring the matter out into the open, if nothing else. I hope you don't mind me taking this step. I feel it's the right thing to do, so there isn't much choice. Am sending you copies by ordinary mail.


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