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Date: May 28th 1941

LAC Davey J.V.
#10 S.F.T.S RCAF.
Dauphin Man
May 28/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Received your letter yesterday, I'm sorry my last wasn't dated must have forgotten it, but apparently Air Mail from here is quicker so I'll send this one air mail. I'm sorry to hear Dad has been in bed with the flu & hope by the time this reaches you he will be back to work again. I am better now still have a little cold but doesn't affect me much when flying. Its really an expensive business to go in hospital around here we lose our 75¢ a day flying pay for every day we're in hosp.

How are you getting on Mom better all the time I hope. Thats to bad you had to have Dad in bed on the 24th week end. well I had to work both Sat & Sun all day & got in about 8½ hrs flying in the two day, & it sure is tiring in these planes, they are awful hard on the constitution one really feels the centrifugal forces in these, so we usually are in bed fairly early, any way there's not much to do in Dauphin one night a week is enough to go there.

I haven't seen Bob A. again as all last week I was on duty watch & had to stay in barracks, but will phone him next week. I met a Cpl in town on Sat who was Cpl of the guards at Mossbank & has been transferred to the guards where Bob is.

The flying is progressing rapidly around here I have about 31 hrs in & some of the boys have up to 50 hrs in and are caught up to the class ahead of us, who were here a month before us. Jack Mitcher & Reg Lane are in it. They will be the senior class after today & we the intermediates as the seniors are to get their wings today. The first Wings Parade of the station Gordon Cook -(left with me from Vancur gets his & is going to Trenton to an instructors school. I believe 25 of them are to be instructors, one bomber reconaaisance, 4 Coastal patrol so more than half their class stay in Canada. & are all Sgts. I don't think there are were any commissions given.

We had a couple of accidents around here the other day. One boy was killed during night flying & the other tore half his wing off in low flying but managed to bring the plane back, How I don't know. He'll probably get a month or so detention cause low flying is really frowned upon by the R.C.AF. & any body caught doing it other than being authorized will be court marshalled so we have to be careful.

So [?] is in, boy he sure got east didn't he St. Thomas. well that part of the country is where he used to live so I guess he wont be lost as far as knowing people Mrs. Cave seems to know everybody any where. What is he in as. Clerk. if so he'll probably get back to Victoria or Vancur. usually do.

The old weather has really turned around this neck of the woods we didn't fly yesterday now this morning so far, it is raining like blazes right now & that brings the good old 'gumbo' mud back. all this week it has been very cloudy & misty around 800' up. so we just can't fly. a few days off is really nice one gets tired of seeing aircraft all the time; any way my 48 comes this week end & this boy is going somewhere away from here as soon as we finish Friday - when

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