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Date: January 19th 1942

No. 97

Capt Gs Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate

HQ Cdn Corps,

Cdn Army O'Seas.

England, 19 Jan 42

Dear Jean:

This is Monday, it was pretty late when I got finished up last night, so thought I'd be more conversational if I did your letter tonight. Last week was pretty good from the mail Standpoint too. Your letter of 21 Dec came on Wednesday, one form Mulholland and a letter form the Pollards in Jamaica. I think Minnie and Arthuur Pollard would like to come back to BC, and no doubt if they did, Arthur would find plenty of work. Its always the same, people who have lived in Victoria never seem content to remain long anywhere else, and it is almost amusing, every chap I've met in the army from Victoria, is just the same, no place like it. I guess I told you before that my room mate in the mess here is Major Bloomfield, who was in the Post Office. We always have something to talk about, and he knows a lot of the old timers around there, and there are certainly a lot of interesting characters among them.

The photo you sent of Gordon, I sent on to his brother Jack, and quoted a bit out of your letter, which I thought was nice for him to know. Poor Jack would like to get home, I think, for a while anyway, but it is doubtful if he could arrange it very easily, so I have discouraged that idea a bit. Its tough for him tho', he's worried about his Dad and Mother, but I'm sure they would rather him "carry on". Am glad ot see Gertrude is getting on so well, and getting a few breaks too, she is certainly enterprising, and capable. Am glad you like her too, Jean, you probably know her better than I do now, in many ways and in different ways than I know her in many ways she is like Father, loving and affectionate. It was good of Nora to write, and I enjoyed reading her letter. I guess the old cot will get a real testing now that Mary is getting so active, and packing a real wallop too no doubt.

Evidently Mulholland has at last got a job, and it is a great relief. If you see him, tell him I am very pleased with the news, and will try to write him a good letter soon. I'll be het makes a real job of it too, and no doubt will, in time, be given responsibility and authority more in keeping with his qualifications.

Was up to town one day last week, but it was a rush, to complete all my errands, and get home. Had quite a good chat with Mr McAdam, the Agent General of BC, and he is giving me some material for my paper on the Alaska Highway, which is slowly but surely beginning to take shape. Las Sunday, yesterday, Major Meuser, Col Carrie, and his 2 i/c, Major Kirk, were invited up to General McNaughtons house, a few hundred yards from the Morris', for a discussion on air survey problems, a British Captain, with whom I have had quite a bit to do was there too, and Ted McNaughton, a Capt in the Gunners was there It was a very worthwhile talk, and lasted till tea time, when we all had tea, Mrs McN being the hostess, and there were another two or three people for tea. The General looked better than I have seen him before, he really looked so tired, as though he had been running on nerve alone. It has been a great privilege to have had his confidence, and to have had a chance to know him a little bit. I remember you looking at his picture one time, and remarking what a fine man he must be. He is just as you sized him up. Guess I'll have to give you full marks as a judge of character, seeing as how you sized up the General and me about right. Ted McN looks like a nice chap, a bit reserved, like myself, so would take a bit of time to get acquainted, but I think he would wear well. It must be hard on him having such a famous Dad. We didn't get though at McN's till it was time you rush home, so I couldn't drop in to see the Morris, it would have taken hours to get home, if I had not returned with the Col's car, and I have so many things to do.

Am looking forward to your next letter, which will have news of your Christmas. We have some snow here at last, and its been a bit chilly. However, we don't do badly. I have a warm bed, which is the important place to have warm. Its nice too, to have the daylight lasting a half hour longer, it means I can take a walk after tea in the afternoon before dark. I don't always get out for my walk, but it's a good idea.
It looks as though I will be able to get a spot of leave next month, and I hope to have two or three things I have on tap now cleaned up by that time. Think I will try to catch up with a few of my letter obligations on leave. I finished your Xmas book, and really got quite interested in it. It is now going the rounds of the mess, several of the members are great readers, and appreciate something substantial to bite on. I may rehearse my RGS lecture on them. It should be as interesting to Canadians as to the British.

Well my dear, how are your finances these days? I read that everybody is getting cost of living bonuses, Do you find it hard to keep up all the payments of various kinds, and the grocer, the butcher, and our friends the BC Electric, and do you have any for a bit of fun. I think next summer, you should think about a vacation. Maybe you would like to go down to Auburn early this spring, and get some warmth and sunshine, and return to Victoria when the weather and the flowers are right to welcome you back. Any time you feel like getting away for a spell, take what money you need, and hop to it.

Now to bed. Things are going OK here, and the time flies.

Love, Ger.

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