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Date: January 1917
Mother and Dad

Church Army Recreation Hut
Dear Mither & Dad

I don't know how far I will get with this letter for I am doing it on parade. Now that may sound rather perculiar but its right for we are in our lecture hut waiting for a lecturer to come. Oh here he is & he's one of the long winded ones. Gee this lecture is dry all wind & no rain. The rain is all out of doors. If I was not so near the front I'd continue this. Thank goodness its over & he's gone but the next one is worse for he makes you take notes & the other guy was so busy talking he never knew the diff. There is to much noise to write here.

Well the forenoon is over & lectures done for today. They told us to stay in our huts & study this afternoon so I am making use of their advise as you will see. I need practice in writing anyway though I get enough of it these days. I have been writing steady since dinner copying notes that I was all morning writing out at lectures.

I was talking to Leslie Ray a few minutes ago. They are leaving camp next week they expect to go to Shoram or some other camp. He tells me that Bert Luck. has been killed & also one of the Kennedy boys.

I haven't been over to see Doc Brace yet & wont be able to get over for a while until we are out of quarantine but you can tell Mrs. Brace I will look after him from that time on.

I got yours of the 19th when I came in to dinner. The family is doing fine this week one from everyone so far but Jim and Lena & I got one from Jim last week. Jamie is sending the star O.K. I have received three or four copies of it but they come very irregularly. I cant seem to write today at all but this must be finished for the Canadian mail goes the night & this must go along. The weeks sure don't roll by here. It is only a little over 8 weeks since we arrived here but it seems like 8 months though time does not seem to drag so much lately. It takes over 3 weeks for letters to come to us here & only two to go to you folk I guess the delay is in the Army P.O. I havent got any of your parcels as yet. I got a few papers the other day all of which I had read before. Don't bother sending any more papers as I get them

(Remainder of this letter is missing.)