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Date: June 15th 1941

No. 67.

Lieut. GS Andrews, RCE,

Intelligence Branch,

H.Q. Canadian Corps,

Canadian Army Overseas.

15 June, 1941.

Dear Jean:

Your letter of 17 May arrived about a day after I posted my last letter to you, so it made pretty good time. Mary's letter was also very welcome, and very sweet. Give her a loss from her Poppy. I am starting off on another leave today, and have not much time to get this written and off. We are going down to Somerset, with bicycles, and old clothes, and just nose around the hills and drink some cider. Am rather glad to get away, as have been working under a bit of high pressure lately. The weather has been lousy, but maybe we will get a break.

The details about the house are very interesting. Yesterday I sent you another special remittance of £30 which converts to about $134.10 I think. This leaves me enough to finance my leave, and to pay my mess bill, with enough to spare till next payday. This should help you clear up the Dr. Bills, and some of the others. Eventually we should be able to clear up our Insurance loan systematically, and I hope we will find enough for you to have Pelgie. However, in the army one never knows how long a certain rate of pay will last.

Was glad to hear about Mr Campbell, and hope now that you are neighbors, that you will see him more often. He is one of the best, Give him my best regards next time you see him, and to Mrs C.
If you should happen to see some good linen kahki hankies, get them for me, and some fine wove woolen, kahki sox. I can't wear the usual knit sox, you know, the coarse ones. Clothes are becoming rather hard to get now, that is there isn't much choice.

Have been out and around a bit the past week, up to London a couple of times, including a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society, and then down to one of our RCAF units. Capt Wilson, who was at Toronto with me, came in to see me last night, and had supper at the mess. He is a fine fellow, and I will tell you more about him some other time. Well, I must go, if we are to catch our train. Hope you are feeling as you should, and that there are no further developments from your operation. The main thing is not to overdo things, plenty of rest and relaxation.
Heaps of love to you both

Gerry -

Don't forget to send our new address in Victoria.

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