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Date: March 10th 1943

No 156

Major G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

Survey, H.Q. First Cdn Army

Overseas, 10 March 43

Dear Jean:

Another week has slipped by, and it has been one of rather absorbing preoccupation - somewhat unsettled, and certainly not conducive to letter writing. Things should be more normal next week, for a while anyway. Am overdue for leave, and may have time for some toward the end of this month. Don't quite know what to do with it. If I could wrangle 7 days plus a week-end I might be tempted to go up to Scotland. Well see.

No mail from you since my last letter, got an airgraph from Bill Hall tho! I wish they would ask for him to be transferred to this army I think he would like the change, and his experience would be invaluable to us.

Have seen quite a bit of Lyle Trorey on this exercise, and he wishes to be remembered to you. Axel too. I suppose the weather is getting more agreeable at home. It has been fine here. Hope Mrs Morris's gardening [?] arrives safely.

Love to you both.


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