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Date: March 14th 1943

No 107

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

14 March 43

Dear Jean:

My last two letters have been a bit more disjointed than usual, the reason being that we have been away on exercises, but are back once more at the usual place. It was a change, and interesting in many ways, and we learned a lot that can only be learned by practice. The weather was superb bright and clean, cold nights, but I had my Scotch eiderdown sleeping bag, so was snug and rm. That is a perfect comfort. It doesn't much matter how cold or wet one gets during the days activities, if one can climb into a dry warm bed at night. Your airgraph of the 21 Feb arrived several days ago, caught up to me while away. Part of Mary's shyness or whatever it is may come from her poppy, am afraid he was something of a recluse, and still is in some ways. Your plans for the summer and fall are fine, it would be helping Chris out at a very hard time for him, and I think it would do you good too, a chance and the fact that you would feel that you were doing more than just our own family needs. I also think it would be good for Mary to do as you say, especially as you know the people well, and feel that she will be well looked after. I agree that it is better to start now to get her used to standing on her own a bit, it will be all the harder later on for her to get along without her Mummy at her beck and call, if we don't do something about it now. Not having any brothers and sisters to distract her parents attention no doubt makes it harder for her to learn to manage "on her own". As far as your plans for going South are concerned, I should not advise you to go down there earlier than Jun, as there is just the remotest chance that it might be rather important for you & Mary to be in Victoria during April or May, or for you to be ready to make a brief trip to the East, on short notice, during that period. I shouldn't bank on it, but there is just the possibility, something to keep in the back of your head, but not to think too much about. If and when there is more definite information one way or the other I'll let you know at once. At best, it would be only for a very short time. We had a surprise visit from Gordon Godwin who is over here on some special business for the BC Govt. Lyle Trorey and I had dinner with him in London last night. He had to leave on a night train, but we may see him again before he returned home. He wasn't able to give us much news about Victoria, as he has been in Eastern Canada all the time since his last visit here August 42. He has found a pretty fine job for himself. He is clever, and efficient. Got in a couple of hours wood cutting at Shoelands this afternoon, and stayed for supper. It was nice to get some real exercise action. Axel joined the activities for a while. Last week I had a short chat with Jack Benton, he is stationed at a spot close to where we were located for a few days. Jack is doing fine, and is engaged in one of the most interesting types of work, and getting remarkable training. I may take a week's leave, starting next weekend.



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