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Date: March 20th 1944

20 Mar 44

Dear Jean:

The mail finally caught up, and quite a nice batch of it including yours of the 5 Mar, and the parcel with hankies, shorts, spam, choc-jello etc. also a tin of tobacco, which is the first for a long time, although luckily I still had a small reserve. Don't think I've been without Dixie for 2 years, which speaks well for my source of supply. The jam in the parcel is being much appreciated in our small mess, army jam is erratic in supply, and pretty insipid stuff. Often we have nothing for desert to a meal at all, but a tin of good fruit jam always makes a satisfying "sweet" as the English call desert, with just bread and butter, (usually marge). The "Jockey" shorts are fine, but don't bother with any more of the other kind, after being used to the jockey type, the others feel too much like pettiecoats, and not so good. Took the jello and the spork over to Morris's today, enroute to visit Col Meuser, managed to time my call at Tyrellswood for afternoon tea. Mrs M says she will be writing you in a few days, and they were very grateful for the things. Other mail included some cigarettes from the FB, an airletter from Borbridges, who had the baby away up the Finlay river, but are now at a HBC post in northern Ontario. An airgraph from Kate Haggman, and a letter from the Dean of Forestry at U of Toronto, they had learned about the MBE. Your letter due today did not arrive, possibly it will show up tomorrow.

We have been busy again, a spurt which climaxed, as usual on the week end, worked most of Sat night, and all last night, till about 6 this am, then had a hot bath, went to bed till 745, got up and felt not too bad at all, although am a little groggy tonight, am going to bed right away, and will be back to normal tomorrow. Got the work out they wanted, and took it over to the big place just in time to have lunch in the American mess. Always like eating with the US fellows, their food IS different, real butter, plenty of sugar, good coffee, and other good old American things like pie, cold slaw or salads, etc. Then drove down to Meuser's place, and had some interesting discussion, which may affect my future work considerably for the next little while. Alf was busy doing errands on the motor cycle today, so drove myself. It is rather soothing to get out and drive on the country roads after working at high pressure for a few days. Then it was a pleasant relaxation to stop in at Shoelands for an hour and some tea. They announced on the radio tonight that General Crerar is to command the Cdns. I have met him, and believe he is a fine man, but quite a different type to Andy McNaughton.

I also had a letter from Betty, she certainly thinks the world of you, and Mary. Tell her thanks for the letter. Its always nice to hear about my family from others. Glad you got something suitable for the Bowdens. Janet certainly does deserve the very best. The reason I wanted to send the extra money to the Am Soc Photogram'y was that I had orderd three copies of a back they are publishing early this year, they are $2 per copy. It doesn't matter much, I'll get straightened out with them after the war.

Give Hugh my congrats on his new job. It is a wonderful break and he'll make good at it too, Guess my future is to be just one of the old fogies at the FB.

Give Caroline a good welcome from the Old Man of the Mountains I hear lots about Calif from Capt Luscombe. Wish we could spend our winters down there, and summers in BC. LOVE to you and Mary....I'm off to bed.


Tell Dad Hall the little watch is settling down to running very steadily and now varies only a few seconds a week - Ask him for the account & pay him will you please?

Love again,


Haven't had time to see Bill during the week but phoned him Friday and he was enjoying Haywards - He returned to Hosp for check up over the week end & planned going to Wales today. He will phone me when he gets back from there.

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