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Date: March 1st 1942

No. 103

Capt. G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps

Cdn Army O'seas

England, 1 March 42

Dear Jean: -

Another pencil letter, but I want to get this off tomorrow a.m. - Got back from leave today - it was a grand leave - 2 whole weeks - and it is very unlikely that I shall get another for a long time - and certainly not 2 weeks in one gulp like this one.

The second week is pure velvet - it takes the first week to shake off the drag of the army routine - and then to be able to enjoy a second week on top of it is the real stuff.

We left Ted Sturgeon in Torquay on Monday - poor old Ted, I really think he hated to see us go. - and we got to the passes that p.m. and stayed there till Wednesday noon - they are rather wealthy people "very nice dontchaknow" - but just a bit superficial - However it was an interesting visit and I had several things in common with Mr. Pass - spent most of my time there reading up a very good book on the Yukon which Mr. Pass had in his library - It was extremely epropos of my lecture to the R.G.S. tomorrow so was really very worth while. Then from Wednesday evening till to-day a.m. we stayed with Morris' at Tyrellswood - really that was the most enjoyable part of our leave - they were wonderful to us - and of course spoiled us thoroughly - I went up to London Thursday to the R.G.S. to make final arrangements for my lecture, and Friday we went up again in the afternoon to a show - "The Man Who Came to Dinner" at the Savoy - a real laugh. Saturday we went for a walk and - today back to the job. In between times we slept, ate, and I polished up my paper for reading tomorrow.

While I was away your letters of the 4th Jan and 11th Jan came - and were welcome - especially as the one of the 4th had been entirely missing.

I have been worried almost sick at the thought that you may have sold the house before you received my cable - and as I don't know yet whether you have received my cable I am still hoping that you have not made any deal to sell the house - Jean it makes me feel ill whenever I think of the possibility of losing our house that way - and to have you & Mary floating around with no place to call your own - I wish you had cabled me - I think I will cable you again tomorrow -

Whenever an important decision like that has to be made - you can always cable me it is not so difficult - my cable address is as follows -

Capt. G.S. Andrews RCE

H.Q. Can Corps,

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