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Date: May 30th 1943

No 168

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

30 May 43

Dear Jean:

Big news! Bill Hall is here. He phoned from London on Thursday night and I went up next morning. He looks fine, and is in great fettle. He was with the 8 Army right up to the finale of the Tunisian show, then was ordered to proceed here. Came by air and had a marvellous trip of course. His plans or rather their plans for him are still somewhat nebulous, but I think we may see quite a lot of him. He came down here with me Friday night, and went down to see the Haywards last night, and back here tonight. He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. I certainly hope they arrange to let him help us out on our problems, and get the benefit of his unique experience, and of his native ability. He hasn't changed at all to look at, and is his same old self, although naturally he is enhanced by all that he has seen and done in the last three years. He says that I haven't changed a bit either. Well that remains to be seen. We have had a busy time exchanging notes, although my side of the transaction seems pretty dull compared to his. Your airgraph of the 16th arrived on the 27th. The lemon pudding for lunch sounds very tempting, I can see there is a lot to catch up on when we get back. Took Bill up to Morris's for a little while on Friday evening, and he made a great hit with them, and they with him too. Mrs Morris knows Cairo well, and the other places in North Africa, like Tunisi and Bisorta. Bill says the old lady was just a jump or two ahead of him on some of the archaeological aspects of the middle east. A strange coincidence was that when Bill landed at the airport in this country, who should be there but Jack Benton, just a fluke because it was not Jack's home station, he just happened to have flown over there that day. Also Axel came down this afternoon, and Bill returned from Haywards just before Ax had to leave, so he has seen all the old air surveyors from BC already. England is very beautiful now, really at her prime, and Bill says it is a paradise after his long sojourn in the desert. The boys have got the garden around this house looking very fine now. There are some lovely roses, one in particular, a delicate orange, and I look at the buds and think of my wife - you know - association of two beautiful ideas sort of thing. Your management of the savings sounds OK, and you are doing fine. I remarked to Bill that money is one thing I don't worry about, because I have an excellent financial manager at home, and I just send her what I can spare. Am afraid I've been bingeing just a bit lately on books. Bought Nehru "Glimpses of History" the other day, just couldn't resist the temptation. Anyway it's the sort of book that is worth putting on our shelf, in other words, my contribution to the things for inside our home. Trouble is I don't get as much time to read as I'd like. Well you can phone up, or go to see Mr Hall & Tell him he can be prouder than ever of his son.

LOVE to you BOTH