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Date: November 8th 1943

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

It was late last night when I got through all the day's items, so I went to bed. Worked all morning, and after lunch Lorne Swannell and I went to look up George Korevik, and for once found him in camp. Have managed to get George's unit once or twice before, but he was away [?] time. He looked ok and said his back was alright, except that he had to be a little careful of it. We said that not so long ago he had had word from his people in Norway, and that they were alright, although the news had taken quite a long time to reach him. Earlier in the week I had dinner at Lorne's mess, which is about 20 minutes bike ride from my place. Saw Arthur [?] the same evening, so I have finally caught up on all of the Swannell connections except Charlie. Lorne and Arthur both look fine, and seem to be reasonably happy.

Yesterday, after we left George Korevik, Lorne and I both went over to have supper with the Morris's. It was delicious, no meat, but a very tasty dish which Mrs M calls "pomme de terre moulanger" or something. It was of course potatoes, sliced thin, onions, cheese, seasoning, etc, and baked slowly in a casserole. Mrs M is going to write out the recipe for it also for her special onion-tomato salad. They are both fine, Ecila had bought a lovely book to send to Mary for XMAS.

The mail has not been so good lately, nothing from you except a copy of a letter forwarded on from Ottawa, the original having reached me when I arrived here last month. There was also a letter from Mickey Trew. His letters are always welcome. If you should see him, tell him I got it. Have had quite a time getting my expense account straightened out, the government still owe me about £40 on my trip to Canada. My esteem for the Pay department of the army has not increased from sore.

However, I was able to scrape up enough to send you £75 which should figure out to about $335. Am afraid you will have to buy your own XMAS present out of that, there just doesn't seem to be anything here. Did I tell you I looked in one of the big stores recently, in London, for china. There just isn't any at all except wartime "Utility" ware. I guess all the production is exported.

I saw Chris Bloomfield early last week, and was able to report to him about his wife and grandchildren in Victoria. Am afraid Chris doesn't get on too well with Mrs B. He is up in London now, and has a very responsible job.

Yesterday was clear and cold, but the weather has been very dull and uninspiring.

Early blackout makes it still gloomier, LOVE TO YOU BOTH

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