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Date: November 14th 1943

Major GS Andrews, RCE: - 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec,


Dear Jean:

This last week's mail made up for the previous one. Yours of the 24 Oct came on Monday, and of the 31st came yesterday. They're taking a little longer now than in the summer, but still it is very good.
I'd love to see Mary in her pigtails, perhaps you can get a snap. She seems to be progressing all the time, and no doubt I will see a big change in her the next time. It was wonderful just to have had that short glimpse of her, also it is quite likely she will remember her Poppy too. At any rate dear, we have made a damn good job of our first Project. It would be interesting to know the details about adopting a baby brother for her, sad for us. The refugee idea sounds good, I have a predaliction for one of the Scandinavian nationalities. Anyway find out what you can, and we will think more about it then. I might make some enquiries here too.

Am glad you enjoyed the "Discoverer". The way they teach about Columbus at school makes one accept him as a fact, like the Ice Age, but he was a very great man, one of the most amazing enterprises in history too. I have finished Pacific Charter by Abend, and Wilkie's "One World" at the local flick, and enjoyed it very much. It is very potent propaganda, of course, and not too well done in one or two details, but intensely interesting just the same. I should like to read the part in Louis Fischer's book "Men and Politics" over again, where he deals with the Messow Trials. It would be interesting too, to know what a man like Fischer thinks about the whole thing, in the light of what has taken place in the last 3 or 4 years. Perhaps he has revised some of his earlier conclusions.

Things have been rather quiet lately, but things are coming along slowly. Still no inkling on the Mystery of the Cdn Army's Role in this war. The weather is windy today, Bert and I stayed at Morris's last night as the two officers who billet there were both away. I stayed till after tea this pm, and got quite a few chores done. Some people may think it a queer form of recreation, but I get a kick out of it, Mrs M has given me a small necklace for Mary, coral and pearls, it is very old, and no doubt she will tell you its history.

The news of Leila is excellent. My she has been vindicated, and the Almighty must have her "in the crook of his arm". If the boys come overseas, I hope I shall see them. This week I will get a remittance off to her, to honour her latest born, and for Xmas.

Ecila wore your Cowichan Sweater today, we were raking up and burning leaves, says its wonderful.

The end too soon.


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