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Date: November 14th 1943

14 Nov 43

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Leila:

A letter has just come from jean, in which she gives a lot of news about you, and especially about the arrival of your 10-pound BOY. You and Clifford must be thrilled, and we are too. I hope by this time you are feeling OK, and that the little fellow is taking a full interest in life, and performing all the proper functions. You are now the Mother of 7 children, and Clifford the father of a son and a daughter. How proud and happy you both must be. Of all our family, Leila, I think you are the shining success. Jean and I envy you, we had hoped that as a result of my chance to get home, that Mary might be able to expect a little brother, but we are sure now that is not to be, and we are disappointed but if the war doesn't last too long, there may be time yet. Your example gives us encouragement.

The news about Bob and Don, and Gerry is great too. I am hoping if any of them come overseas that we shall be able to see them. If they have my address as above, they can get further direction from the Canadian Military Headquarters in London. I could get up there to see them very conveniently, and on short notice. They could spend a nice week end with me here in the country, and I could show them a few things in London too, because I am getting to know the old Town pretty well.
My visit home seems like a dream, now that I am back here again. Perhaps it won't be so long this time. I had a very quick and comfortable trip back across the Pond, before leaving, spent about two weeks in Ottawa, but was busy, so the time sent quickly. Also got down to Toronto for a week end, saw both Nora's and Bill's families, and Mary's boy John. They are all fine and interesting children. Poor Mary was not able to travel, so I had to be content with a telephone chat with her. In Montreal, I saw Bob Stevens, and his two children. They are both sweet, and Bob's wife is a good scout, I liked her very much.

I certainly never expected to be in England for another winter, but so far there doesn't seem to be any indication of getting to a better climate. Frankly, I think the Canadians, especially the Army, have had a very raw deal. Begins to look as tho we have been used as a political football. I only hope that when they do take us out of cold storage, that it won't take us too long to thaw out, and that there will be some life left in us.

Am sending you a little Xmas present, through the Cdn Army Pay Office, hope it gets there in time, and with it goes my love to you all.


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