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Date: November 15th 1942

No 140

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

15 Nov 42

Dear Jean:

It has been suggested that we should use more of these airgraphs rather than the blue airletters, as they are so much more economical of airborne weight, and therefore they get first priority. I gather from your letter of 30 Oct which arrived yesterday, that you will be heading back toward Victoria soon, so am sending this to Garmans. Evidently you have enjoyed your visit with your own folk, and I'm so glad, also that you have been able to see so many of your old friends too. I wonder if you would have liked to have remained down there for Xmas. It would have been lovely, however you will probably have lots to do when you get back to Victoria, especially if you are able to move back into the house. Hope you have been able to persuade some of them to come up from Calif for a visit. I suppose Chris is very busy, but your Mother might be able to get away after New Years, and Helen and her husband should try to get up from Portland for a long weekend.// This has been a busy week past, and we got to the theatre on Wednesday. It was an excellent play, and we had a nice dinner after. Miss Williamson went home after with some very nice friends who came to the café for her, an elderly couple who are their neighbors at Bourne End, but also have a flat in London. They had spent many years in China, and I wished I could have had more time to talk to them. Dick, Ecila and I caught the last train home, which was over an hour late, due to a heavy fog. Dick stayed the night with me, on my camp cot, and went on next morning. I had to go back up to the opposite side of town next morning, and we entertained one of the factory managers at the Svy Coy in the evening. Tonight I went up for supper with Mrs Morris, she was alone, as Ecila is away for the weekend. But there is never a dull moment with the old lady, and she had a vegetable supper, with her special tomato-salsa salad, just the things I like. She wants me to get a book for you, "The Three Sisters" about Mrs Chang Kaicheck. Think I can order it for you. She also says there is a letter on the way from her to you. She has been feeling quite spry lately, has cut all the branches I left for her from my woodcutting operations, and is scheming to find some more to cut. She even went out to a neighbors for tea yesterday, and no doubt had a good gossip, which is boon to a woman.// Have been immobilized this last week, as my bike got a puncture, however I fixed it today, so will have it next week. Darkness comes too soon now for evening rides, but its nice to have it for the week ends.// Have finished reading a couple of books on Suffolk, so will send them along to you for adding to our library. Am now reading Nora Waln's "The House of Exile" and enjoying it. Also picked up a couple of books on BC and the Alaska Arctic, second hand, and will send them along later. I like to read for half an hour after climbing into bed, it settles the brain, and lifts you out of the local environment for a little. My work is particularly interesting just now, and it is a pleasure to go at it hard. Love to you and Mary. She will be glad to see Grahame.


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