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Date: November 21st 1943

21 Nov 43

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

Your letter of 7 Nov arrived on the 18th. Also, I learned at Morrises Friday night, I cycled down in the fog, that your parcel for Anita arrived also the Book, Trail of Love. As I thought Mrs M got a great thrill out of the Flatt book, she was so excited when I got there the other evening, when Ecila has read it, I will have it rebound, and then send it home again.

They thought you had done far too much for Anita, but I explained that you got a big kick out of it, and that we felt the children of this country deserve all we can do for them. Just the same, it was nice of you go get all those things, and wrap them up so nicely.

Had a note from Bert Hayward to say that his axe had arrived from Ottawa, I had bought one there, and sent it direct, parcel post. It is a nice light Canadian type of axe, which are not available in this country. Had letters from both the Hayward girls thanking for the Cowichan pullovers and have sent them on to you. I plan to try to get down there for New Years and if convenient, will slip down for a week end before. Xmas is rather problematical, as Capt Luscombe has relatives in the country, and I am letting him take that week end, so will stick around myself. If I cant be with you and Mary, don't care. Morris's want me for dinner, and I may be able to make it.

Was very amused with your account of Mary's experiments in shoving at the canoing discs, poor child, I can see myself doing just such a stunt. Hope your having better weather than we are. Its been very foggy for some days, and a raw cold, that penetrates to the marrow. I needed some exercise the other night, and biked over to Morris, it was thick as pea soup, but I know the road well, in fact knew where I was practically all the time. One spot where there is a fork, and it is important to take the right one a farmer has scattered some manure on the field, well the smell was a very useful aid to navigation at that spot.

Havent been able to find Frank Benton yet, we have been busy, and am expecting to move again. We've been pushed around a lot lately, and I hope the next move will be for a reasonable time, so that we can get ahead with some of the work.

This afternoon, I had tea with Mrs Waugh, the sister of Mr Aston who lives with Mr hall. The old lady had invited me several times, as though I'd better go today while we are still in the neighborhood. She showed me all her pictures of India, which were very interesting, she was out there 12 yrs. She gave me some tomato seeds for you.


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