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Date: November 27th 1943

27 Nov 43

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army O/S

Dear Jean:

Well, the population of old London was increased by a few Canadians this week, including yours truly, moved my Section up here for the time being, as most of my business is up this way. It seems funny to be a town-mouse, and is quite a change. It wont affect our mail address, because we are only attached here. Have satisfactory office in a fairly modern building (for London) and luckily Harry Luscombe and I have been able to stay on indefinitely in London House, the club where I usually put up. The rates are reasonable, the atmosphere congenial and food OK. Also it is within half hour walking distance from my office. Hope to get all my staff located in suitable billets by end of next week. It will be quite an experience for my boys to live in one of the largest cities in the world. Most of them are not familiar with London and it will be a good education.

Before I forget, since I returned from Canada, none of the cigarettes from the Forest Service have come, and before, they used to come each month without fail. Think the trouble is that they are not using the correct address, which is as above. No mail from you during the week, except the ones from Leila and Gert. A move usually interrupts mail for a few days. I meant to get some money off to Leila last week, but have not had time. Will try to get it away next week.

One thing about the new set-up is not so conducive to doing night work as when I slept in the same building as my office. They have dinner after 7 at London HO so by the time you are through, and half an hour to walk in the blackout, it is hardly worth while to come back to the office. Guess I'll have to work all the harder during the day, and maybe I'll get ahead with some reading. There is very little to do in London at night, all the shows start about 6pm and are out by 9. However as time goes on, no doubt we will find plenty to keep us busy.
Forgot to tell you I sent two books, Vol I and II of George Catlin "North American Indians" with coloured illustrations. We have the same at home, which I got in Leipzig 10 years ago, but the illustrations were not colored. This work is a classic, and should be in every collection of books like mine.

Am going down to have tea at Morris' late pm and then take in a dance at the old mess and will probably cawl into bed at Morris' afterwards. Don't think Ecila will come to the dance. She gets pretty tired by the end of the week. I almost have to go, as have missed two former invitations in a row.


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