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Date: November 29th 1944

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army Overseas.

29 Nov 44

Dear Jean:

Yours of the 19th arrived today, and its been a big week for parcels. First of the snow suits, and they are certainly nice. Little Anne is back in Canada, Had a letter from Meuser but he doesn't give the address. However I may be seeing him in the near future, and will get it. It would be nice to send a card, or something on her birthday. Think the little green suit will do very well for the small son of one of my men, it looks big enough, and he is the only other infant other than Alf's who is more or less attached to the Unit. It will please the parents too. Did I tell you I saw Alf's baby, and its Mother. He seems very fond of it, and is really proud. Have an idea he will look after them both. Alf has his own standard of morals, but he is a steady fellow, and doesn't play around. The stockings for Ecila and Mrs M will be very acceptable, and you can imagine, solves a problem, there is less than ever to buy here, will wrap them up pretty with the ribbon and paper, and stickers. The parcel with the shirt came too, and it is a lovely one. Had just written off one of the older flannel shirts, so this makes up the supply again. Day before yesterday another parcel from you, it had been rewrapped by the Post, but the only damage was a burst package of noodle soup. It had a carton of tobacco in it, and my stock is in good shape again. The soap in one of them was timed just right too. My goodness, I don't know what I'd do without my wife. Looks as tho all your parcels escaped the fire in the mail. The Xmas card from George Allen redirected by you came. Didn't know he was down at Berkeley again.

I did enjoy your description of the antics of our daughter and her friends when Joan Collins came. I suppose Joan will be getting a bit "superior" soon, with 4 ½ years on Mary, still, they can be good friends. Will be glad to get Collins letter, if he writes it.
I think your views on McNaughton are fine, and that's the way I like to think of him too. Cant help feeling he has been made a pawn by our friend King, but am sure his part is conscientious and quite unselfish. Its been quite a bust up, and I feel an inevitable one in fact it should have been thrashed out long ago, "Compromiser King" is a good name for him. It is to be hoped that something good will come out of it, and that the real issue will be faced. Canadas greatest need today is a leader, who is not afraid of some unpopularity for the sake of the country as a whole. This would be a great opportunity for the CCF, but am afraid they haven't got big enough men for leaders, and I think Coldwell is a fence-sitter.

Its funny, I bought "Between Tears & Laughter" about a year ago, and was rather disgusted with it. There are some good ideas in it, and some truth, but my reaction was that it was the product of a successful author who had gone soft. Bought it with the intention of sending it home, but after reading it, left it in the mess. I believe his earlier books are really good. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood.

Had an interesting visit from Sam Gamble, back on special leave from the Army. He is now Lieut col, assistant to Col Meuser, he took Macdonalds place. In spite of the fact that he is a graduate from RMC, and in with the right people in Ottawa, I like him, he is hoping to get his children home I think. Another visitor was Bob Richards, he came down for the week end. I like him - a real solid chap. Think he enjoys coming down here. Betty has got a house at last, and they expect the little stranger along in Feb. Bob is very happy about it.
Havent seen Bert Hayward lately, but will try to soon. I wonder what out 10-mile property is worth now. That might suit him better than the Mill Bay. If we can make up our minds, would like to make him a definite offer. I agree it would be a first class investment, and like to have it even if we should have to live away from Victoria for a while.

Have not sent you and Mary anything for Xmas. Even the books are getting pretty bad, and a book for you with your eyes still delicate doesn't seem to be the best thing. Sent £50 not long ago, wish you would get something for yourself out of that. The little brass elephant went off to Mary some time ago, but that is not meant for a Xmas present. It is possible that my next letter will be too late for Xmas. There is really some logic in the hope that this will be our last apart. Hope you and Mary will have a happy day, and that you will not let yourself be lonely, and try to think of our next one together. I have promised to go to Professor Bournes for dinner that day, but will have one evening with the Morris's. Otherwise I will be staying here. I will be thinking of you and Mary, too.

All my love to you both,


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