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Date: October 3rd 1943

3rd Oct 43.

Dear Jean:

I got finished up at Ottawa and came down here Friday morning. Have seen Bob Stevens, my cousin who is with Bell Telephone, and his wife Mary and their 2 daughters, Judith age 9 and Little Mary age 9 months. I like all the ladies of Bob's family - the baby is very sweet. Also have seen an old friend James Tibbits Mackenzie, who was at Toronto with me. Had breakfast at his flat today - it lasted from 11am to 4:30 p.m., He is with Seagrams - the distillers, a very interesting fellow, his uncle is Dean Mackenzie the acting president of the National Research Council in Gen. McNaughton's absence. Tonight I had dinner & evening with Gordon Godwin & his wife - their little girl is about 2 and a fine little child. Gordons wife is an intelligent and charming girl - I had never really had a chance to talk to her before.

Spent 2 evenings with Bob - hope you can meet them some day. I also called at the Air Surveys division of the Canadian Pacific Airways - (ex Canadian Airways) I know them from former contacts, didn't see Mr. Jenkins, the boss as he is away but saw Mr. Simpson who is the technical manager. The reorganization of their company with the CPR doesn't seem to have done them very good - or any bad for that matter, they are carrying on in much the same manner as when I visited them in '37 and '40. No inkling of what their post war plans are, or if they will be expanding their activities to the West. Mr Jenkins is expected back tomorrow, and if I am still here, I intend to see him. Have renewed quite a few interesting contacts in this period of standing by -

It annoys me to have had to kill about 10 days here - simply waiting for them to decide on the time & manner of my movements - I could just as well have had that extra time at home. However that's just one of the aggravating things of this sort of life. Have not had any further letters from you but hope to have some waiting for me when I get back to my H.Q.

Montreal is a very interesting city - and this is the first time I've ever been here long enough to look around a bit, so time ahs not lagged, altho I am impatient to get back to the job.

Both Jim Mackenzie & Bob may get out as far as Victoria some time on a trip - and I have given them both our address - so they would be able to look you up. You would like both and especially Bob's wife - she is a real good head - she is R.C.

Weather has been fine - except yesterday it rained heavily in the morning. The fall colors are just at their height all around the country - and it is very beautiful. However I like B.C. the best, and still think of trying out your pastels along the Thompson River and up in the Cariboo. Wish I had time to fish around here for some good pictures - there is some food stuff to be had if one had time to look. I sent you some small booklets from the Nat. Gallery in Ottawa, of Canadian artists - thought they were not bad, altho was disappointed that they have never done any color reproductions of Lauren Harris oil sketches - He has done some very fine ones.

Well dear - don't worry about me and all my love -


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