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Date: October 6th 1940

c/o 1st Corps Field Survey Coy

Royal Canadian Engineers

CASF, Base P.O. Canada

England, 6 October 1940.

Dear Jean:
The old mail man is pulling my leg again, Your lat letter was dated 28 August which arrived 3 weeks ago now. Surely our will come soon now. I hope you are not sending any more addressed to c/o Chief Postal Censor, London - because I find that involves several days at least delay on this side. The most direct service is through the C.A.S.F. Base P.O. Canada. I am hoping a shipment of tobacco will arrive soon too, and on my last plug - from the first lot you sent, and 5 plugs sent by Capt. Bowden. You spoke of sending a second lot which so far has not arrived. However that should be along soon surely. Have still a few packages of cigarettes.

A letter from Eric Garman posted 18 August arrived yesterday also one from Mulholland posted 11 September. I managed to get a letter off to the Garmans last night - return a feeble effort. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be much to write about. The biggest event during the past week was our company mascot Sarah presenting us with 10 wiggly little puppies - Quite a family for her 1st litter. The father was also our other mascot Malcolm - an [?]. Sarah is extremely pleased with herself. She is a very highly pedigreed setter, forget the special kind - but a lovely dog. The pups are all brown, quite dark - of course its hard to say what they will look like when older. Wish I could send one for Mary E. and one for Graham. Our other mascots are two cats. Sarah was presented to one company sergeant major by a commander of one of the Home Guard with whom the C.S.M. gave some instruction in the use of the Ross Rifle.

Lorne is coming over for lunch, and this p.m. we are planning to drive down to Bramshot Hospital to see our O.C. Major Baird who has been taking some treatments. We usually take his laundry & mail down to him on Sundays - and it is rather a nice drive.

I am very impatient to learn all about the house - I do hope you have been able to get it started - because then you will feel that it is soon to become a reality. I wish I could send you a few pieces of furniture I have seen over here - there was a most exquisite caramel oak screen at Cambridge - old - and extremely intricate - but a thing of beauty - I hope my pay gets straightened out soon - because no doubt you need the extra money. Please let me know exactly what amounts of money you have received through the Bank of Nova Scotia - and the approximate dates if you can.

A letter from Nora arrived yesterday too - she is expecting her baby soon - probably it is already on the scene - I do hope she and the little one are o.k. She said how good you have been in keeping them all posted about me. Betty is in Winnipeg -

I suppose the boys will be getting back from the survey parties etc and I shall be interested to hear how Jack Benton made out this season. I enjoyed Doug Macdougals letter, which arrived several weeks ago. I guess I told you I had in I had a fine long letter from Frank Swannell - written from his camp up near Stewart.

Well Dear - there isn't much news - and lunch is ready so I'll get this in the mail - I hope you are not worrying - what with all your own problems at home - etc - you must not take on too much - one thing you don't need to worry at all about us here - we are doing excellently - and in high spirits -

All my love to you both -

As ever - Ger.

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