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Date: April 5th 1916

Abbotts Barton Hospital
Canterbury Kent Eng
April 5/16

Dear Abbie

I received a real decent letter from you a few days ago so will answer it now. I received a letter from Gussie yesterday. Please thank her for me.

We have had some lovely weather lately, and have spent most of our day out of doors. I'm getting extremely fat and saucy, with a strong inclination towards laziness. Such is life. The two chaps in the beds next mine here, who came in at the same time and in the same ambulance are being sent out next Monday as practically cured. of course they will get sent to a convalescent camp for awhile. Most of the bunch who arrived when I did have left here but there is no sign of me going for many moons. Maybe I'll see the front again before Canada, but not likely. I'm quite happy here, or as happy as a Chap can be away from home. By the way how is the "wife"?

I am enclosing a few pictures that may interest you. A slight explanation is written on the back of each. How is that snap shot album getting on that I asked you to fix up for me of all the snaps I have sent. It must be pretty full by now. There is not much news so will close.

Much love to you all
Your loving brother

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