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Date: April 13th 1916

Abbotts Barton Hospital
Canterbury Kent.
April 13/16

Dear John

Your kind letter of March 30 arrived today and it was great to hear from you, you tell that young nephew of mine that he had better not get too gay around certain parts with his bouquets and motor cars for I've still got one powerful arm left.

I'm leaving this hospital on Monday for Shorncliffe as the Doctor here says I have more chance of being shipped to Canada if I keep under the nose of the M.O. at the base there. They may keep me there for special treatment of course, but I'm going to make a big try for home.

I showed your letter to Sister Kendall or rather the part of the letter referring to the nurses here, and she has written you a note on the back of this.

I feel I must say a word for myself in reply to the remarks you made about us in Buckley's letter. -Thanks.- I should like to add that we are looking after him as well as we can - tho he is pretty well able to look after himself.- V.K.

Well old top there isn't much news. I enjoyed a visit from Mr & Mrs Parker last week. If my arm gets pretty strong I'm going to try when I get back, for a commission, and have another go at the Huns. Any weakling is strong enough for an officer, but it needs a man for a private in this war. Please give my love to all at 17 Elm.

Your loving brother

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