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Date: August 6th 1916

Granville Can. Spe Hospital
Chatham House Annex
Ramsgate. Kent
Aug 6/16

Dear Abbie

your letters are a long time coming, but believe me they are worth waiting for. I enjoyed that letter of yours immensely, it was so full of news and good times. I could just picture it all.

Believe me you cant beat Nova Scotia for good times. I met a sergeant last night and got chatting with him. He used to be government inspector of fisheries around [?] county, knew Have Torrey well, and we had a mutual admiration meeting right there.

Little old England is a mighty fine country. I got a pass yesterday and walked away out to the North Forelands. Gee it was a dandy day, and that walk across the downs by the edge of the big white cliffs with the surf below you, was great. Then had tea in a peach of a little tea room and came home via Broadstairs which is a beautiful place. They sure do know how to make promenades etc in these summer resorts. We had a little fun here last Monday night with Zepps. There was one directly over us at Midnight, with several searchlights playing on her, and she sure looked fine. We all were running out in our shirt tails to get a good look. She soon beat it when the guns opened up.

Was sorry she did'nt stick around longer, she looked so pretty. Just like a big silver cigar. A week ago today we had a Hun plane over but I cant see that they scare anyone except a few old women.

Most people get out on the proms so that they can get a good view, as if it was a special summer attraction for their amusement.

I wish I could go in swimming here, it looks pretty enticing, but of course with a hole in your wing, it simply cant be did.

Have had a letter from Jack. He's going back into billets for a rest after a rather trying time in the front line. I sent him a couple quid at his earnest request for dough, so tell John that last amount I drew from London is not all for my own amusement.

They are turning a theatre here on the waterfront into an internment camp. I suppose that is so the Huns will be careful about dropping bombs on their own men, if they come over here.

Well Ab old stocking, I'm still in the ring. Never felt better. Will be back home some day, but its no use worrying about the time. I'm doing quite a lot here in this office so feel as if I was'nt altogether a drug on the market. So long old top for now. Write me another of those dandy letters. They do me good.

With love to all at Guysboro I remain

Your loving brother

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