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Date: August 29th 1916

Granville Canadian Special Hosp.
Chatham House
Ramsgate. Kent.
Aug 29/16

Dear Old John

Your kind cable was duly received and appreciated. You're a darned good scout.

Judging by the home letters you and the Ford played an important part the Summer festivities at Guysboro. I often lie on the sands here when there is a good sailing breeze and try to imagine I'm back, waiting to take the yacht out.

Am pretty well fed up with this life, and sometimes wonder why I did'nt get knocked over like so many more of my pals, who were better men than I'll ever be.

I have two holes in my wrist now, to the bone, and have it probed and dressed every day. Its hard to keep cheerful during those times, but the rest of the day I feel fine and in good spirits. Dave Thomas came to see me the other day. Those sergeant stripes of his gave me rather a jolt, but I suppose he deserves them more than some.

There are several of Sam Hughes Conscript battalions in England now. I suppose they are trying to live down the reputation made by the 1st and 2nd Divisions and show how real Canadians behave. At least that is the way they talk.

Its too bad the heat has been so fierce in Toronto this year. Has Mabel suffered any from it. She writes me dandy letters, the Lord knows what I have done to deserve a fine girl like that.

Sometimes I could kick myself for my presumption in trying to make a peach like that my wife. And yet I'm going to or bust, old boy. Suggestions about the above solicited and greatly appreciated.

Had a great letter from that young son of yours John Jr. He must be some lad by this time. Is Abbies hair grey?

Well I must close and get busy. My letters lately have been rather bum I'm afraid but you'll know by this, that I'm active and feeling fine and deeply thankful for your great kindness to me. So Long for now old chap, and with love and best wishes to all I remain

Your loving brother

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