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Date: February 10th 1916

Abbotts Barton Hospital
Canterbury. Kent
Feby 10/16

Dear John

Received your welcome cable a couple of days ago. Thanks old man. Mr Jenkin also wrote me that you had been cabling regarding me in January and had also written. Its awfully good of you to bother so much John, and I appreciate it. Its just a question of time now before I'm around again. This is the seventh week I've been in bed, and I wont be allowed up for some time yet, as the doc says the slightest exertion might put me on the blink and affect some other joint. One wrist is enough the way this one acts. This is not a bad hospital, formerly a private house. Of course things arent done with the quickness and precision of the big military hospitals in France, but I'm quite comfortable here, and I dont hear the cries of the wounded the way I did in the hospital in France, so am sleeping a little better.

I suppose you want to know where Jack is. well at first we were opposite [?], but now he is near Dickebusch, a few miles to the right of Ypres which we can see quite distinctly from our supports. That Ypres salient is a pretty warm spot, there are puffs of smoke from bursting shells floating over the landscape the whole time. Our billets were at La blete where I was when I went sick. The King inspected us that time at Lacre. The [?] [?] of [?] is just [?] our trench so I guess you can locate where old Jack is, unless this letter is censored. Have mentioned no names of troops so it should reach you. Hope everything is going well with you all. Am feeling alright though rather sick of being in bed. Have strength to walk a few steps now (when the nurse is not around). Well old man, many thanks for all your kindness and with love to all I remain


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