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Date: January 16th 1916

From Pte Buckley 55154
Ward 3B 13 General Hosp
Boulogne 16/1/16

Dear John

Am writing you this note principally to forget the pain in my left arm, so dont feel flattered at hearing from me. My illness has left my arm in pretty bad shape, lots of aches to keep me awake etc. Have had a dandy Xmas New Years and Birthday I dont think. The Sisters have been very kind and gave me some gifts this morning. Have not received any mail from Canada since before Xmas. Where my letters are going to I don't know, but its rather trying not to hear from home for so long. The latest letter was dated Dec 7. I suppose I will get shipped to Blighty some of these days. It does'nt make much diff when you're so far from home what hospital you are in, so long as the Sisters are kind. I cant give any address except the old one for you to write to. This note must sound rotten but I cant write cheerfully today. Have been in bed nearly three weeks and this everlasting throbbing and aching is getting my goat good and proper, I guess I haven't got it in my to stand the gaff.

Give my love to Ab and Gus & the kids. Tell Ted his cake was great (I did'nt see it but Jack wrote me he got it) I'm getting on well, but will be quite a while recovering. I think, the doctor Major Elliot F.R.S. wrote to Father about my case I think, so dad can give you any peculiars. Am sorry to let the d- climate and conditions beat me. Its more than those skunks of Germans can do.

Will write again when I can.


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