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Date: January 22nd 1916

From Pte Buckley
Ward 3B. 13 Gen. Hosp.
Boulogne. France
Jany 22/16

Dear Abbie

I have received Gussies letter of Dec 24 and Johnnies fine epistle of Dec 27 and your packet containing the clippings and that dear photo of the kids. Gee, how they have grown, and they look so clean and manly. Those padded pants and football make me feel homesick for a while, when I remembered the awful row we used to hear on the lawn when the kids had a game on, and the fun I used to have with them. Its just a month today since I came out of the trenches, and in two days time it will be a month since I lost most of my interest in life. However I'm getting on alright except my arm which sometimes gets my goat. Have had it X rayed, and also have been on the operating table with it, but it certainly persists in its evil behavior

Jack Howard sent me down that clipping of our Argo crew, and the doctor noticed it. When they found out I was an oarsman, I heard them talking as to whether a certain course of treatment would'nt make my hand stiff so I could row again, and I really think that they are doing everything in their power and more, with specialists, to get my arm so it wont be stiff for rowing.

This is considered the best hospital going. The doctors are the best in the country. If it were not for the new cases coming in some terribly wounded, I would sooner almost stay here than go to Blighty, for I'm almost as far away from home in England as here. I suppose it does'nt make much diff where a soldier goes who is not apt to be much use for months.

The last letter I had from the wife was dated Dec 7, but Gus said she was well so everything must be OK except the mails.

Am writing this lying flat on my back and am getting cross eyed so must stop. Will write again soon if I dont get sent to Blighty in the meantime.

Much love to all
Your loving brother

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