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Date: July 27th 1916

Granville Canadian Spec Hospital
Chatham House Annex
Ramsgate. Kent
July 27/16

Dear old John

I guess you have been thinking me an ungrateful brute, and all the rest of it, for not writing you sooner. Really, I cant begin to thank you for all your diplomacy, and time and trouble on my behalf. The only thing I can say is that you're a darn good head, and I owe my future happiness largely to you. And then the money problem. I've been drawing on you steadily ever since I came back to England for odd amounts in 4 or 5 £ lots, and I want to know if I'm spending too much. I did'nt get my pay book back from the pay office till June, consequently have only drawn £ 1-10-0. of army pay since Dec. You can see that I've been living almost entirely off your generosity all this year. I find that you can endure hospital better if you buy your tea outside while the cash lasts, and the Revue's and movies help some to pass the evening. You can forget your troubles then and the old world seems worth living in. But when you're broke, good night!

We are allowed ten shillings every two weeks, but in this benighted country ten shillings does'nt seem to last as long as $2.50 in Canada. So John old man, if you think I'm spending too much on my own selfish amusement, dont be afraid to say so. I know I should be economical, on account of the little girl I will have to provide for in Canada. Wont it be hell if I have changed so much for the worse that she wont like me any more. I hope I have'nt. I've lived pretty straight here, have left booze strictly alone, and as for the girls, well I would hardly look at a Ramsgate girl. They dont compare favourably with some snapshots I carry, Compre.

Now about my wing. It feels better and I can move my arm more freely without fear of jarring it. The old scar was cut open a few days ago, and is still open and it seems to have relieved the wrist a lot. Can do quite a lot of office work here now, so have hopes of becoming a fairly useful member of society after all.

I do hope you are having a dandy time this summer. I often picture to myself little old Guysboro on a nice sunny morning, and what good times we used to have. Oh well I'll be back some day, so will possess my soul in patience. How are those young nephews of mine. Two years make a lot of difference in boys, so I guess I'll hardly know them. I have that picture of them in their fast ball tags that I received when I was in Boulogne, but I hear that Johnnie has long trousers. I cant imagine it at all.

This is rather a strange letter, but there are so few topics to write about here.

Please give my love to Abbie and the kids, and tell the old folks that I'm in the pink of conditions. Am gaining weight steadily. Go 13 stone 4 1/2 now.

The only thing that bothers me is that I've troubled you so much, and only lasted in France five months, after all my training. Still I feel sure that I did more damage to the odd Hun than he did to me.

Please write me concerning this money problem. Whether I'll keep on spending a little and have as good a time as I can, or whether I should be economical and consequently be more or less grouchy. You've been such a good pal to me for so long that I know your advice will be correct.

Again thanking you with all my heart for all your goodness to me, and best wishes for your continued welfare and success I remain

Your affectionate brother

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Original Scans