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Date: October 24th 1915

Somewhere in Flanders

Oct 24/15


Dear Abbie


Imagine my joy when I saw your parcel waiting for me when I arrived back here in billets at about 4 am this morning. We have been in billets for a rest for a few days now, but were out on an all night fatigue. Your parcel certainly cheered me up. So many thoughtful things, and all tied up in tissue with my old Club colors. I’m smoking the lacey now, am using the paper, and intend to put on the socks soon, as the pair I have on are of different thicknesses, different size and colors. This is quite a strenuous “rest” we are having. For instance, we went out at 5.30 last night and dug trenches all night, besides having had drill of different kinds during the day. We were allowed to sleep in this morning, so are happy. It was the first time that I had helped to dig a trench while under fire. We had repaired damages to trenches before under fire, but never walked into an open field and started to dig. For some strange reason we all worked like h-ll til we had quite a mound of earth in front. When we finished this trench we got a ration of rum and then fixed up another one. It was rather a novel experience and I enjoyed it. The weather is getting quite chilly now, there is a damp fog every night, and its hard to keep warm while sleeping. I hope you got my letter asking for a nice thick sweater coat.


I wrote John & Char for their birthday but dont know whither it will reach them in time or not.


Please thank Char for the parcel he sent me. He’s a good old scout. In fact you’re all so kind that I cant keep my correspondence up. We are only allowed to write one letter a day, but can receive any number.


I understand that this being Sunday, we get leave for a while this afternoon, within certain limits. I guess I’ll look up Arny Thurston who is not far from here. What do you think of the war news now. We hear rumours, but depend mostly on Toronto papers a month old. Well Ab, these are’nt much good as letters, but you’ll know we three are all well and send love. Give my love to all at 17 Elm, including Mac. Thanking you again ever so much for you kindness I remain


Your loving brother

Douglas G Buckley

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