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Date: October 10th 1943

10 Oct 43.

Dear Jean:

I hope you got my wire telling of my arrival in the U.K. Couldn't get it off the same day I arrived, because there were no facilities for sending a cable until I reached London. We had a marvellous trip - a much more comfortable aircraft, same kind as the west-bound trip, but fitted up with comfortable seats and heated cabin etc. Possibly this was due to the fact there were some quite important passengers on board besides your husband. I enjoyed the trip across Quebec especially - the visibility was perfect and the fall colors were spectacular - a huge country - smeared with thousands of lakes. Had a chance to stretch our legs and have an early supper in Labrador before taking off again for the hop over the Atlantic. The train trip down to London was much more tiresome and nearly as long. Stayed there that night but got down to have lunch with Col. Meuser next day, and supper it my own unit - which had made another move during my absence - not too far - and a bit more isolated than the last place. Am missing with Lyle Trorey's company - so that is congenial. Stopped in at Morris for a while the other evening - they are both well, and gave me a warm welcome. Ecila's sweater arrived, and Alf had delivered it - she is very pleased with it and it is a nice one. The letters which I got at Ottawa were also here waiting for me, also a parcel of Klim, Dixie, banana flakes, biscuits, etc. Am waiting impatiently for more news from you - maybe there will be some next week.

Things seem to have been going smoothly in my absence a few things waiting to be straightened out, but other things a stage or two ahead - I think it is a good thing occasionally to leave your work to run along by itself - for short periods. Harry Luscombe is fine, and all my boys glad I'm back, I think, especially Alf.

As soon as I have my finances straightened out, I should be able to send you a little money. Have turned in my exp account for the trip - so it should come through in due course.

The pictures of Mary are here too, and the snaps. Mary's is very good - especially the head & shoulder one. Hope Ruth is feeling the benefit of her trip - and enjoying her visit - wish she could stay with you longer -

How is your condition dear?

Have been thinking a lot about you.

LOVE, & a kiss for Mary -


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