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Date: October 19th 1941

No 85

Capt. G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps.

Canadian Army Overseas

England, 19 Oct. 41.

Dear Jean:

Mail continues to be very unsatisfactory. Your last letter was 8 Sept. Now I should be getting yours of around 1st Oct. However I guess they will come by & by. Your parcel has not shown up either - to-day papers came, the Province for 13th Sept, so there may be something in the wind. Hope you are getting mine regularly.

Am feeling fine again - and my appetite has been good too. Have been relaxing a little more too lately which I think is a good thing. Had supper with Lorne & Dick Farrow at the Reg't last night and we went to a movie afterwards. To-day Capt. Truax, the MO. And I went down to Dorking for tea at Haywards. I got balled out for neglecting them for so long. Time does fly tho' and a month slips by before you realize it. Thursday evening I walked up to Morris - for an hour or two - the fresh air is good and they are always glad to see us. Mrs. M and Ecila have given me small parcels to send to you & Mary for Xmas. I have had no chance to get to town for some shopping - but may have a chance this week.

Things have not been very exciting this past week, This morning I was over to the Survey Reg't again and saw Arthur Swannell for the first time since he has arrived here. He looked well, and seemed to be taking to army life philosophically. Its too bad all those chaps have to wait wait wait for things to happen - but who knows - we may be getting all the action we want one of these days.

Things don't look very good in the Pacific again - however I guess these things will have to come to a show-down sooner or later - and I sometimes think the sooner the better.

Well dear this isn't a very good letter, but will see what next week brings along - All my love -


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