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Date: April 9th 1941

R97725 Humphrey J.F.
#1 RCAF Manning Depot
Toronto Ontario.
Apl. 9/41

Dear Mom

I received your cookies, myself and the fellows around my bunk sure enjoyed them, one of the fellows told the other that I was to put them away because he wanted to have some left for tomorrow - the next day he got a parcel and we finished it. We sure enjoy the homecooking when we can get it, but the meals here are good we eat the same stuff as the officers only there's is prepared better.

I have all my dental work done ($50 worth) it sure saved you a lot.

My pictures will not arrive by mothers day but will get to you by Monday or Tuesday. I think they turned out good, I hope you like them, I got three smaller ones for Dot Beck and Isabelle if she wants it.

I went to Niagara on Saturday and came back Sunday we didn't walk a mile the whole trip, some people picked us up and treated us and showed us around.

The falls were nice but nothing beautiful about them- there is no scenery around to set them off.

Those treatments dads been taking what are they for isn't he feeling well.

Does Stew still think he is going to be drafted into active service, if so why did he buy a new car did he smash the old one up or was it begining to go.

We are having a C.B.C. Broadcast here tonight I think some of the boys may be on it.

The store newspaper took a picture of the R.C.A.F. tumbling tom and I was in it I will try and send you the photograph. We had a [?] test for Diphtheria and I was positive that mean two more shots in the arm for me.

So far I have got six days fatigue, but think of the poor guy that gets seven- all in one week.

I hope to get drafted out by next Friday, to where I don't know. Give my love to Pop & the family

Your loving son

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Original Scans