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Date: August 5th 1941

R97725 A.C. Humphrey J.F.,
Wing's Squadron 2 Entry 62
R.C.A.F. T.T.S.,
St Thomas, Ont,
August 5/41.

Dear Mom & Pop:

I was just getting my stuff out to write a letter and guess what I found the letter I should have sent a week ago. I guess you got the paper all right, pretty snappy rag eh? They wanted me to write an editorial but my fountain pen ran out if ink.

So Oscars been handing out a line well personally he's not doing so well not that he's dumb but he doesn't give a darn, he had to take extra technical training in advanced calculation and you have to be pretty dense to have to take extra technical training in any subject. One day when we were in the lecture room getting a dry lecture and the old sun was beating down on us making the lecture room into an oven a guy from the orderly room poked his head into the door and hollered out a guys name after pretty near blowing a tonsil & loosing his bridgework the guy he hollered for crawled out from under the table where he had been sleeping for over two hrs., They gave him his message and made him stand up in the front of the lecture and I'll be darned if he didn't fall asleep again.

Just to show you how tricky some of the work is it to two of us 2 hrs to put twelve nuts on a carburetor boy are some of the [?] hard to get at, the more I work the better I like it and I sure am developing patience, one of the fellows in our entry asked me if I ever get mad he's a married man and he's scotch boy do we kid him about it. We have lots of arguments about the east & west and the prairies, the argument goes this way in the east you have Jews the west has chinks and Jap the prairies had Dukobours and I told Scottie the Maritimes had Scotsmen he's still thinking of a come back to that.

We had a track meet her e on Sunday and I sure enjoyed myself I hollered myself hoarse (I guess I even developed my spirit) our squadron won it and I might say the boys from the west made the best show. The team was almost all composed of our Vancouver men & the team that came second was our airforce mechanics of course there were a few other runners on our team.

So Goldie Mauriel Roger (Buck Roger) I don't think she'll like living on $35 a month but of coarse she could help on working I sure wish I could find a girl with a good job. I sure got a kick out of Isabelles letter I think I'll frame it tell her that it was darn nice of her to offer me the bathing suit but I don't have much time for swimming and it's been quite chilly here lately- say maybe I could use them for long underwear.

And Mom if you've got any extra pots of blackberry jam they would be greatly received we can always swipe bread & butter from the mess hall and have a bedtime snack at night, one night we had chicken sandwitches.

My watch got banged up the other day and stopped so I'll have to get it fixed I only hope it isn't going to cost too much boy I sure miss it.

I read in the paper that they are still towing sail boat races back home how are you doing this year Pop I sure would like to go for a good sail right now, they have quite a few [?] on the lakes down here and they can really go.

To-day one of the officers told a fellow to go to stores and get some red paint to paint the fire equipment and when he came back the fellow was painting them white. The officer said: didn't I tell you to paint them red the guy answered 'Yes sir, but they didn't have any red paint. (he was from arizona)

Another instructor asked a fellow to tell him how many thousands there were in an inch the guy replied, I don't just know but they must be millions of them. So you see that I'm not so dumb after all.

Well I'll have to close now, I get a small test tomorrow.

Give my love to the rest of the family

Your loving Son

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