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Date: August 8th 1944

R97725 Sgt. Humphrey
R.C.A.F. Overseas
August 8/44

Dear Mom:

Now pick yourself up- I told you I was going to make another Bobby Semple of myself- I wrote Mary tonight also I received three letters from her today, she tells me her mother is having her goiter out you'd like Mary's mom she's swell. Mary told me she got a perfectly swell letter from you and she was very disappointed in not getting to meet Dad after I built him up to her- he'd like Mom and I'm very sorry she didn't get to meet him, she's really missing something- he was the best Dad in the world, I only hope I can use him as pattern to design myself after. I was going to write to Sal but I'm getting tired and I'd be better off in bed so I may write her tomorrow. Some of my pals here finally caught up with me and it is sure swell to see them again, although I enjoy making freinds especially with the fellows here- there a great bunch and a lot of fun, so as long as there's a good laugh I'll be happy even if sometimes things do go hard.

Everyone has deserted the Sergeants mess so I better make this quick or else they'll turn me out.

I'm still in there about the pension and I'll have something definite in about a week or else- if I get a leave soon I'll go to London and speed things up at headquarters, although I don't think that will be necessary. I wrote aunt Lizzie and I'm hoping she'll invite me up for leave I'd like to go there- at least I can get all I can eat, and I seem to be hungry all the time no matter how much I eat. By the way I havn't as yet received a letter from our distinguished letter writing freind- namely Bobby Semple-

Well Mom I'll close now hoping you are well and remember I'm always thinking of you.

Your loving Son

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