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Date: December 20th 1941

Can R97725 A.C.1. Humphrey J.F.
No. 404 Squadron R.C.A.F.,
Royal Canadian Air Force

Dear Mom & Pop:

In my last letter I told you that Bud & I had got separated, I received a letter from him the other day and he tells me that himself, Walker, Rucco & Rowell all got together; Gregg & I got together.

Ive travelled all over the British Isle now and you'd never guess where I am now. There are English & Scotch boys here & boy do we argue, they try & run down the States & we Canadians build them up, we rag them about there little trains & cars & generaly boost Canada; but there all swell fellahs and none of the kidding is taken seriously.

The Scotch people sure are swell when you travel on the train they had hot tea cakes & sandwiches at almost every station the hospitality is great up here everyone treats us so well, the Scotch seem to like Canadians.

While at one station we billeted out in private homes & Gregg & I got together we got all our washing and ironing done here and we always got a cup of tea & cakes before going to bed at night, we called them Mom & Pop & they thought that was swell they told us we could go there any time. They were so Scotch I could hardly understand them but I finally got on to it so you can see I can almost understand any language now.

As far as our disembarkation leave is covered in the R.A.F. we've "Had it" thats a favorite expression now.

If you send me a parcel include my red jacket & [?] next & get me a pair of yellow or roary latex swim trunks out of the money I send home; I don't care for the chocolate over here so you could send me some [?] Jerry milk bars & coffee sugar cubes & chewing gum not that I'm hinting or anything but I just thought I'd tell you, batteries & bulbs for my small flash light would come in handy two & [?].

We get an issue of cicarettes every week but I trade mine in for other things as far as smokings concerned you seem to be able to get all you want but the Canadian fellows don't care for them.

Every pay day I get three £ or one & where I am now you can't spend much so in two pay days I've saved five £ so you see ten shillings a week isn't bad & I'll have quite a bit of money for my leave- when I get it.

I'm working quite hard & eating well I can honestly say I'm not losing weight because my apetite has picked up, the work is more interesting when the aircraft you work on is flying, I sure was nervous when I signed my first daily inspection on the aircraft but that's just everyday routine now.

Well give my love to everyone & don't worry.

Your Loving Son,

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