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Date: January 9th

R 97725 Loc. Humphrey J.F.,
404 R.C.A.F. Squadron,
R.C.A.F. Overseas
Jan. 9th.

Dear Mom & Pop:

I'm sorry about not writing sooner but I'm always on the move, at present Len & I are together on a detachment, as a matter of fact this is his paper I'm using he's writing a letter right next to me at present we're on duty standing by and so we have a little time to spare. I get on these detachments quite a bit so my flying time is going up & I have quite a few hrs. (when we fly we get seventy five cents more a day.) I really like flying & go up at every opportunity, sometimes I think I would like to be in aircrew, but I guess you don't go much on that so I guess I had better stay put, I guess I'll be better off in the long run even though flying is very tempting at times.

I got a parcel from you Isabelle & Aunt Jenny & you must thank Mrs. Niven & Mrs. Lewis for me & I'll be writting Aunt Jenny to thank her I also got a big tin of candy from Jesse & Roy but their address was not on it so you'll have to thank them for me I really enjoyed the parcels they certainly make a Christmas more like the real thing. If Mrs. Lewis's sox had arrived earlier I could have hung one up, their certainly swell sox & just my size too. I'll write Isabelle & thank her for the gloves I sure needed them as I was beginning to get fed up with washing my hands.

The other day I got a letter from Kerr & boy! was I surprised Guess What? He wanted me to be "best Bloke" at his Wedding Was I ever scared- I was afraid I'd have to make a speech but as this detachment came along I'll be unable to make it. I'm certainly sorry I can't go, Kerrs a swell guy.

You always seem [censored] to know if I go with any girls, well I've got two, one [censored] & the other in London, [censored] nice looking & we a lot [censored] especially the girl in London & she really showed me around the town especially Hyde Park (don't get me wrong this was in the daytime) In case Isabelle wants to make any remarks she's not a cockney as a matter of fact she's had quite an education & uses the best of English, but she is developing a strong Canadian accent I'll send you a picture some day. Don't get ideas Mom I'll still come home single I haven't been struck like Kerr. As for the girl [censored] she is good company but she doesn't speek Scotch, or [censored] becoming immune to the [censored] you see its not all the [censored] have an accent.

I'm sure feeling the good of that Indian sweater & sock believe me theirs nothing like them every airman should be equiped with them I could have sold it for five [?] once but no go I need it more than the money.

Well Mom I'll close now & drop a line or two to John Colwell.

Give my love to every one.

Your Loving Son,

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