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Date: June 6th 1944

R97725 Sgt. Humphrey J.F.
#1 Y Depot Lachine Qub
June 6 1944

Dear Mom & Pop:

I suppose you'r a little shocked at the telegram but the fact is I'm going back to London within the next few days and we don't get paid until the day we leave and then it will be in sterling, and there are quite a few things I should take with me- now such as shoes shirts etc- that I feel I should take now and it would be better than sending for them later. I know I have no money left in the bank but if necessary surrender a bond I'm getting another anyway.

I tried to avoid this posting folks because I know how you'll worry and the only thing I worry about is you worrying about me. I had an idea when I left home that this was what it was but I didn't want to alarm you unnecessarily, I thought at least I would have three more months in Canada on this Comando course but we are not going to get it until we get to England so you see it will be more than six months before I'm on operations and by that time according to the news to-day it ought to be pretty well cleaned up, that's the best news I've heard for a while and it makes me very happy.

Al James is going to the bahamas so they gave his gang seven days leave- it wasn't enough for him to go home on so he went down to Portland Maine so ought to have a good time.

I hope your feeling better Pop I'd like to have seen you running around like your old self again before I left and I guess the chickens too will be getting neglected I've been on a milk and rice cream diet myself lately I am getting all I can before I leave because that stuffs scarce over there but I imagine I'll be back a lot sooner this time. It I certainly a swell bunch of fellows I'm going with this time there really a lot of fun and I hope we don't get broken up.

I guess the relatives on the other side will notice the difference in good canadian food in me because I've put on a lot of weight since I came back to canada.

I'll close now folks and I'll try and write every night before I go but, understand they stop our mail for quite awhile before we leave so if you don't get any word don't wory I'm just being moved to the coast.

So long for now

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