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Date: June 17th 1943

R97725 Lac Humphrey. J.F.
#3 Manning Depot.
Edmonton Alta
June 17/43.

Dear Mom & Pop:

I'm writing in pencil (no kidding) because I think it's more legible and besides I haven't got a pen handy or should I say I haven't got a pen -period- oh! well I'll buy one myself. You see by my address that I have not been posted yet but I don't think I'll have to wait long, there is a chance I may go next week and in the meantime I'm having quite an enjoyable time here in Edmonton, since Rowel has been [?] (he was posted last Saturday to a school here in Edmonton) I've chumed around with a real swell fellow from Montreal his name is Al Gordon, he's really a swell guy and he doesn't drink so we get along fine. I didn't go to Banff last weekend but Al has made arrangements for us to fly to Calgary and then a friend of his will drive use to Banff, he knows a pilot at the drome here and he will give us crew pay for flying there with him so you see its something for nothing.

Last night Al and I went bowling and I really enjoyed it, he's not such a good bowler either and I won the two games my high score was 168 (thats not good) after that we went roller skating it was a real swell rink that is when you view it from a lying position as I mostly did.

There is a Mark Genny dance here soon it'll be right in Camp so Al and I are going to go, I'm going to see as much as I can now before I start my training

I haven't received an answere to my last letter yet I was wondering if you got it, or maybe it got sunk on the way from Vancouver to Nanaimo

I hope this letter reaches you before "Fathers Day" because I'm enclosing dollars for a present for Pop you know his needs better than I do cause I'm darned if I could find anything.

The last couple of days we have been climbing over the fence and going swimming in a pool next to the station (breaking [?] is strictly forbidden so we do it after) I'm getting quite a sun tan because we play ball in shorts & go swimming all day of course they expect us to work, but I figure I've done mine and besides I don't need that kind of exercise. They had a job installing an engine so the picked me out because I was an engine mech but I told them I was a fitter ILE and they didn't know what that was so I got out of it (fitter ILE is an Raf industry) I've had enough grease to do me for some time.

Tell Isabelle to get the record "Going Back to where I come from") it's really going over big out here, she'll really get a kick out of it.

Well I'll close now before I start shooting a line.

Give my regards to everyone,

Your loving son,

P.S. I got the address book thank Mrs.Wi[?] for me.

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