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Date: May 21st 1941

R97725 A.C.2. Humphrey J.F.,
Wing, Squadron 2 Entry 621
R.C.A.F. T.T.S.,
St. Thomas Ont.
May 21st/41

Dear Mom:

This is an answer to the last letter you didn't send or should I say I haven't received it yet.

Please address my letter exactly as above- they are very fussy here in St. Thomas.

We are stationed at what was going to be an insane asylum but was completed into a barracks. These building add up to the amount of 14 million dollars and hase 23 miles of underground tunnel so you can go from one building to the other in the rain. All the buildings are very modern and have large covered windows I'll try and send you a picture, at present all I can say about it is, its the best insane asylum I was ever in. We have tiled bathrooms and even modern baths like Aunt Jennie.

I will be here in St. Thomas for 4 months and then I may get some leave then.

There are quite a few Nanaimo boys here Garland Le Pos Whitland Mowatt Cecil Dick and I think Vincent Howert is here somewhere I will look him up if he is.

They have a few La Crosse teams here Garland is on one. The other day I was throwing the ball around and the Corporal in charge of La Crosse saw me, he asked my what squadron I came from as it happened I came from his, he asked me why I din't sign up and told him I wasn't good enough and he said Quote Holy X6/" your better than most of those X6* we have now so you better turn to-night I told him I wouldn't play that night but I'd try out at the next practice, if I play I'll get off of fatigue. I'll bet Popll get a kick out of that.

In our room we all chipped in and bought an electric iron and we are going to buy a scrubbing board next- I'll bet you think I've changed- I'm even studying- I've got to.

They sure are strict here, when they call a parade here at 8 o'clock that means quarter to 8 at the latest or else.

Well I guess I'd better sign off now I have to get a bath and do some darning note well Don't tell Earl as he will probably start sending his socks for me to darn.

o Oh, Oh! I almost forgot the pictures, pretty good I thought they'll add some class to the front room you can hang it beside the ship.

Tell Isabelle that I'm getting pretty used to wearing shoes now, next week I'm going to get soles & laces put in them, tell her I washed my underwear the other day and they were beginning to turn colour so I got the Squadron to help me off with them and put them in the tube. I came back an hour later and they weren't there then I remembered I hadn't been wearing any I sure was worried for a minute.

Well mom I'll say so-long for awhile and give my love to everyone.

With Lots of Love & dish pan hands.

Please tell Pop to send a La Crosse rule book we are in need of one back here a fellow got pushed through the boards last night (the box has lighting) Its a great brand we play here.

I hope you all have a good 24th so have one for me to.

The missing page to the last letter.

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