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R97725 A.C.2. Humphrey J.F.,
R.C.A.F. #1 Manning. Depot,
Toronto Ontario.

Dear Pop:

As you can plainly see by the ritzy writing paper I'm using it is just after pay day. This pay day I got $20 of which I'm using to buy a steel suitcase laundry (p) amusement necessities an keeping my uniform pressed.

They do not take any off our first pay to send home so I will send some next pay.

Although I get paid twice a month my allowance for home will be received only once a month, I am signing over $15 at the end of each month and for the payday in the middle I will send home $5 making the total $20.

As yet you do know where I am situated and what I have been issued, well I'll tell you. I am situated at the shore of lake Ontario just about fifteen minutes walk from Toronto- that is the down town section I am right in Toronto itself. Toronto is not pretty it is filled with ugly brick tenements & Jews. Hyde Park is a laugh it isn't half as nice as Stanley Park in Vancouver.

My issue consists of my full blue uniform, shaving kit, sewing kit, button shoe, tooth, and closse brushes, pair of fatigue pants and sweater, 2 fatigue shirts 2 grey flanner shirts & 6 collars, 2 sets of underwear, coveralls gollashes , black kid gloves, leather wool lined mittens, 4 pairs of socks and a wool [?] to pull over your head in the cold weather.

I received your Easter egg and myself an the fellahs sure enjoyed it- thanks a lot. I saw Bert Maxey and Gordon Barns to-day they are stationed at Ottawa, they tell me Davy Best has bee run over by a tractor and received a compound fracture of the leg.

I received a very nice letter from Mr. Darling yesterday and a money order for one dollar. It sure was nice of him, I'll write to him soon.

I am sorry I could not afford a little more for moms Birthday and Easter but I was almost broke then and I thought the flowers would be received with just as much pleasure by mom.

Yesterday I went down town and got my picture taken. I don't know how it turned out but I will get the proofs Monday, while I was down town I went and got my picture taken at Simpsons- 3 for a dime and one turned out alright so I will send it and also send the good one when it is ready.

I think that I will buy a cheap camera hear I sure need one so I can send you good pictures.

I was on pitchers fatigue Wednesday and the Corporal was sure hard on me, some times I almost hooked him but I did what he said and let on I liked it and he let me of early. Yesterday which was Saturday I worked in the barracks stores shipping food from the warehouse to the barrack. I through bigs sack of sugar flour spuds carrots and apples around & then I had to carry halves of [?] to the refridgerator. In the afternoon I jacked bundles of sheets into a truck 500 bundles I think an officer (one) help unload and stack them and made the lazy corporal work also I sure enjoyed watching that corporal sweat - I'll be a muscle man yet.

How did Louis Benson look I sure am anxious to see him again.

Well I have a few more letters to write so that will be all for now. Give my love to Mom and the family.

Lots of love,

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