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R97725 Humphrey J.F.,
#1 Manning Depot,
Toronto Ontario.

Dear Mom:

I have just borrowed a stamp from one of the fellows so I could write to you, we expect to get paid on the 15th. I will send my civies home tomorrow and I will try and get my picture taken after pay day.

I was at the dentists again to-day and got some filled.

When we were out on [?] training yesterday we had a small instructor about 5' 2" or 3" taking us for a run he kept telling us to run faster so we did and some of the big fellows knocked him down and when he got up he hollered halt at the top of his voice but the fellows kept right on running it sure looked funny, now we have a big P.J. instructor.

I have a lower bunk and the kid that sleeps above me is about 25 his name is George Goodwin I call him curly because he is going bald. The other nigh he was polishing his shoes in the dark and I switched shoes on him the result was he polished my shoes, and made a darn good job of them too.

I got my haircut here the other day haircuts are 25-¢ (oh yeah!) the barber said he could make a better job of it if he washed the hair oil (of, out of it. I let him wash it and it stuck up all over so he asked me if I would like some oil on it, so I said yes. He gave me the bill which was 65¢

25¢ for haircut.
25¢ for wash.
15¢ for oil.

I think I was sucked in don't you. Now my haircut resembls that of an Iriquios.

I went to a stage show hear in the barracks last night and it sure was swell, you ought to (the) hear the R.C.A.F. swing dance band it sure is swell, they have some real good players. I am going to a movie in the barracks again tonight.

We went on a route march to-day and when the corporal got out of sight of the barracks he took us into a Salvation army cantine where we spent the afternoon, some route march, eh!

The weather here is getting hot, we got our summer undies to-day and I sure look swell in mine the crotch is down around my knees but I think thats to allow for shrinkage.

They are letting us have from thursday till saturday at 2 oclock off for leaster off I'll have to give you a belated Easter present because I am broke right now but I'll get by some how.

I suppose Pop is hard at work in the garden these days boy! I sure left in time.

The other boys are all fine Buck says he's getting fat- gosh who isn't. Oscar sure looks swell in his uniform he sets it off well.

Well guess I'll shine my brass and go to the show now give my love to everyone.

Your loving son

P.S. I still like cake and tarts.

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