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Humphrey J.F. A.C.2,
#1 Manning Depot,
Toronto Ontario.

Dear Pop:

I received your letter yesterday and I sure was glad to get it, I guess I'll get Moms Monday.

I went to the dentist yesterday and got two teeth pulled but I feel swell now and I am going out for a walk this after noon, I will go back monday if I want and get some filled. I think I will the dentist are the best.

I got my uniform now and it fits swell I will try and get my picture taken after the next pay. They are letting the boys in the serrie have large coloured pictures for almost nothing back here.

I have seen Cecil Dick around but have not spoken to him, I also met Sam Beck of Becks store he said for me to mention it to you he went out on draft yesterday I think.

I am moved from (an) one barracks into a better & bigger one and from here I will be drafted out in about 5 weeks I hope however some of the boys are still over in the other building Lail, Garland, Weir & Mowat they will stay there 5 weeks and then come over here for 5 weeks.

I have been anoculated now for typhoid and vaccinated for small pox.

I got my first taste of fatigue yesterday and was under Shipwreck Kelly- he used to play Lacrosse in Vancouver for the Orillia [?]. He gave all the other boys a broom and gave me a shovel and told me to go sit on my ass and go to sleep so I did he (go) came past now and then and we B-S. a bit.

I am in #4 squadron and we are under Sarg. Johnson he is about six ft. three or less and blond he is one of the finest persons I have ever met he does not swear at us and is very confident, he is the best liked person in the barracks. All the fellows are convinced that for Sarg. Johnson we will have the smartest squadron

I doubt very much wether I will ever be on fatigue again because the fellow who bunks next to me makes out the list and when it comes to a fatigue he will forget my name, I hope-

In the lounge where I am writing this letter there are out twelve chesterfield and about twice that number of chesterfield chairs along with those modern tubing chairs-

They have the picture of four of Canadas World War 1 aces they are Biship, Barker, Collishaw and McCloud.

I was sorry to hear that Naime is to lose his foot it will be an awfull handicape to him.

I have signed 15 dollars a month home but I will increase that amount later as I have quite a lot of stuff to buy.

There are so many Yanks here that I am talking with drawl.

Give my love to the inlaws and I hope they are well, Dot Beck & Isabelle I guess Sherry and Brent are fine too.

And I guess I'll have to throw out my long undies the weather hear is swell.

Lots of love to you and Mom-

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