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R97725 A.C.2 Humphrey J.F.
Wing 1 Squadron 2 Entry 62nd
R.C.A.F. T.T.S.
St. Thomas Ont.

Dear Mom:

I've been awfully busy lately and could not write as often as I should. I wrote a test today and have finished my filing I hope. Orean & Cecil Dick preceded us here by two weeks so they are ahead of us.

I got a letter from Bill & Gord. Bill is going to the Navy on June 16th and Gord may get transfered to Hamilton Ont.

Mowatt was at Niagara last weekend and he met a two Soldiers who knew me and they asked him if he knew me and he told them he slept across from me it was Earle & Roger.

I have got some snapshots taken and I will get them (duel, developed soon.

If you want to get more pictures I will send the card so you can get more, you will have to ask them for the price I forget what it was.

Don't ever think I am getting too much money theres always something to buy.

I just found out that I have passed my first exam. and I will work on small engines next week. Tell Pop that there are no Spitfires or Hurricaines here but there are some modern planes & light bombers here, we will work on Roller Royce Merlins later on.

Tell Pop that we have a 25 cycle lighting system here and ask him if it is possible to fix a radio to run on that if he could we could sure use one because we don't here the news or any radio programes.

The radio would have to be over four tubes because there is a lot of steel structure around here and the others don't work well unless that could be fixed too, if this is too much we will all chip in and buy one. if he does send one I will pay for repairs and shipping.

We do not have any outstanding personalities here it is strictly a work joint and you need all your time, we do have a show though.

There are 3 squadrons here and I am in no. 2 it has won the Commanding Officers Trophy for sports (Ie, neatness and marching, we also have the best N.C.O.'s or Corprals - I wouldn't want this to get around but the Corprals can always manage to slip you a late or 24 hr. pass when you need one.

So you think I was kinda thin in the face, well I'll have somore snap to show you and you can see them.

Give my love to the family and Pop.

Love Jack

P.S. Inclosed please find the missing page to my last letter

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Original Scans