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R97725 A.02- Humphrey J.F.,
Wing 1 Squadron 2, 62nd Entry,
R.C.A.F. T.T.S.
St. Thomas Ont.

Dear Mom:

I tried to write a couple of days ago but there wasn't any news- there still isn't any for that matter. I am still feeling fine and the meals here are getting better every day. I am on my last week of engines and now I go on to maintenace and ignition.

Bud and Garland's team won the station La Crosse league and they get bronze medals.

I wish you would send my old yellow swimin trunks I couldn't stand to wear any other trunks after them. (If you've burnt them I'll go around here slamming doors)

The weather here is supposed to be hot but we don't notice here because the shops are so cool.

I've sure got a swell pillow now, one of the fellahs in the next bay got a feather pillow sent from home, so I decided I would like it I'll give it back to him later.

If you are going to knit socks mom make sure they don't get away from you and end up in a sweater- no kidding I could sure go for a pair of knitted socks because all my other socks are beginning to get dirty, Pop asked me if I needed some light socks, if he does get some make them black or light blue.

We got paid today and I made my last payment on my camera so now there will be a steady stream of snaps.

Mowatt is feeling fine now and Press is out of the isolation hospital so were almost back to strength now. We are all going down soon and have our pictures taken together.

I have a forty eight hour pass coming up this week and I will go to either Toronto, Winsor or Ottawa- I'm sure seeing the country.

I wish you would send more pictures of the family and also Wimpy- how is Wimpy now anyway- I guess he still needs a bath as usual.

Does Stew think he will be called up for active service or is he going to stay in the malitia.

Tell Pop he had better get the wood all chopped by September because it might get rainy then and besides I ought to be on leave by then- of course I sure would enjoy cutting wood, its too bad I'm going to be late (I hope). I can just see Isabelle tearing around the town with the mover going wide open, do you have any trouble keeping her from digging up the garden

Last Sunday I wasn't very hungry I only ate two suppers and two dinners, first thing I know I'll be losing weight.

Tell Pop that I can fix the carburettor on his car so as it will be easier on the gase (you ought to go for that idea Mom) I've got it all figured out.

Sam Beck from Nanaimo is here now he's working at the store- pretty soon half the station will be made up of Nanaimo lads.

We had a big parade Friday and were addressed by the minister of air defence Powers he consulted me on several big manovers and I gave him my oppinions.

I was going to buy the war saving out of my money not the fifteen I send home by the way is it mounting up at all, if you need it its all right with me it doesn't cost much to get home now.

Has Bobby put in another application to the R.C.A.F. he ought to be able to get in there is going to be plenty of chances in the ground crew and they are going to need more men soon.

I guess the weather has put the damper on the picnics now back there- what wouldn't I give to get on one of those picnics where Earle ate half the Blackberry pie and Stew ate the other half, boy! those were the days.

Well Mom give my special regards to Beck and I hope she gets well quick also to Pop and the rest of the family.

Love Jack

P.S. I haven't got your parcel yet but I guess I'll get it tomorrow.

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