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R97725 Lac, Humphrey J.F.,
404 R.C.A.F. Squadron,
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Dear Mom & Pop.

I've been in London about four days now & I think I'll spend a good part of my leave here (don't tell the relative I enjoy spending leave with them but I thought I should like to see some country this time & London's very interesting .

I have sixteen days leave this time & I really had to go after it they wanted to send me up north again a few days before my leave started, was I ever mad. I asked the Sarg. to parade me before the Adj, but he came around & so now I'm on leave.

I see by the date that its to late to send Christmas cards I got the cards at my first opportunity but it was too late. I just finished sending a telegram to let you know I'm on leave the weather here is grand down here I haven't used my overcoat since I came down & the food here is sure swell I'll bet I've put on five or six pounds since I arrive here. I met Ian Innis down here on leave & we spent four days together Ian sure is a swell egg & did we have some fun I wished we could have had the whole leave together but he had to go so he no sooner went than who should I bump into but Herr, up to London on a forty-eight, he sure doesn't like his course, thank goodness it wasn't necessary for me to take it, I'm finished with trade boards now as I have my "A" group so my next promotion will be Corporal, but it will be a long time yet as it takes time to come through. They say you should be a corpral on the shadow roster about one year after you Lac & I've had my Lac. a year come the first of Jan. this year, so it should be about a year from now before I get another promotion.

I am going to get my picture taken in a couple of days so you can see for your self how I'm doing

At the station we all have bicycles & boy do I ever have fun already I have accounted for five [?] in a blackout & also I ran over the Station Warrant Officers cat and I just got the bike, think of the score I can pile up in a month.

Believe me mom the sweater sure comes in handy at times all the fellows are wishing they had one so I keep it well hid when I'm not wearing it.

Well I'm getting hungry again so I'd better close & get some pancakes and maple syrup. Give my love to everyone.

Your loving Son

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