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R97725 AC1 Humphrey J.F.
404 R.C.A.F. Squadron.
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Hello Mom & Pop:

I guess its about time I wrote again even though there isn't much to say. Anyhows right now I am suffering from the ill effects of a bad haircut & have earned the title of baldy and guess it will probably stick Today is my day off I get one every week so they tell me but even if most of them are cancelled it can't be helped.

The R.C.A.F. overseas is being run on the R.A.F. system and we are all liable to find ourselves A.C.2.'s again and have to start over again by taking a conversion course, however our promotion will keep goin on in Canada and while we are a.c.1.'s over here we may be sargents or coprals at home [censored].

Some of the boys on our Squadron that have been over here two years are being repatriated so they will be back home soon.

Len Innis and I are in the same billet and Len's really a swell guy Ive worked with him a lot and we got on swell he's one of the best fellows to work with. His wife send him some swell chicken soup which we enjoyed immensely, we split all our parcels.

I got the sweater and does it ever go over big with the Scotch & limey fellows, Its really a swell sweater and I'll sure put it to good use next winter and by the way its not entirely out of place right now.

Aunt Maggie sent me a swell parcel and I really enjoyed it the sock Margret knitted sure went over big with me I can stand socks everytime, I hope some day to write & thank all the people who have been so good to me by writing & sending parcels but we don't get much time off & when you do get it you try to get as much entertainment in as possible.

Don't worry about me not writing if anything did happen the air ministry would let you know immediately no matter how small it was, right now I crave excitement.

I am sending you a couple of pictures one of aunt Lizzy, its not very good but it'll give you an idea of what she looks like. The other is a group picture of a few boys in the billet Kerr, Galloway (Vancouver) Daiz & me (Nanaimo).

Ive quite a few more interesting pictures but I am keeping them in my own album & you'll see them when I get back.

My radio is a wonder according to the limies they don't know how a set so small could have so much power the wouldn't believe me when I told them it had five valves (ti[?] to you Pop) The whole but have found enjoyment in it we get Canadian news some nights and I've heard quite a few of Jack Bennys programes I've got it running off a resistance cord.

I'm out of summer underwear could you sent me some we can't buy it over here (darn these coupons)

Give my regards to everyone and don't worry about the dops they'll be cleared out in no time.

Your Loving Son

P.S. The reason I look so gloomy in the picture is because I just had a couple of shots in the arm.

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