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R97725 AC1. Humphrey, J.F.,
404 Squadron, R.C.A.F.,

Dear Mom & Pop:

I haven't had a letter from home for quite some time but I have received all the parcels that were sent and did I ever enjoy them believe me I've been eating like a king, it seems that all my parcels come at once so all in all I really had a banquet, everything in the parcels arrived in good order especially the cake in your last parcel.

There doesn't seem to be much to say just that I'm feeling well & generally getting healthy you see I'm in the fresh air all the time and it sure agrees with me my appetite shows it-

Just for excitement last night I cut Stew Greggs hair it started out that I was only to trim it but I just sorta wandered away and first thing I knew I'd almost gone over the top Stew won't talk to me now even after I explained to him that everyone has to learn-

Roland Kerr's up here with us now and I sure was glad to see him he's a real swell guy I've known him for almost a year and I just found out tonight that his father won a V.C. in the last war.

I don't think I'll get any promotion for a while but when it does come I have an idea that it will come fast. Bud wrote and told me that he was writing for his [?] and expected to get it soon.

I read in some of the Vancouver papers that there is quite a bit of ice around I suppose it would sure hit the Arena, sometimes I wish that I had brought me skates.

In your next parcel send some jam I sure did enjoy that last tin of jam you sent me and butter goes real good with it, they always come in handy for a snack before you go to bed.

Ive been quite worried about you not receiving my letter I try and write every week so you should receive some of my letters

I received a scarf from the Canadian comforts it was sure a swell scarf about two feet wide & six ft. long & I also got a pair of mitts these items sure are welcome.

I think I'll get my teeth fixed because there's a new dentist on the station & he's pretty good too that is considering he was a plumber in civilian life a few weeks ago.

Well I can't think of anymore I can say without getting canned by censors so I hope everyone is well and don't worry.

Your loving Son

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